Unbeatable benefits of Facebook Marketing that you should be knowing


Facebook’s recent update has been a rapid game changer indeed for more than 13 million Facebook users worldwide (approx)

The recent Facebook update not only enhanced the opportunity of growth for small start-ups based on social media, rather sufficiently fuelled rapid development for maximum SME independent businesses with a limited budget.

Facebook is now one of those profitable online business platforms where spinning conversions is easier at a cost optimized budget. Find out how!

Blistering global popularity in few easy steps

Unlike any mortar and brick store, where it takes sufficient time for a start-up business to gain the popularity of the visitors, Facebook is a suitable commercial place to hype the online presence of your business.

Be it a garment store, or a third party agency service, or a fashion accessory store, it’s all about setting up an official business page by adding its location in Facebook business list.

Once the business is listed, it’s all about promoting the official business page. If you’re successful to increase your brand awareness in Facebook, the search visibility of your business will eventually bring you fleshy conversions.

Zero investment cost

Giving a live presence to a business after building a mortar brick store is no easy thing!

You need to have sufficient funds in your wallet to promote it in newspaper, magazine, journals, etc.

In a word, it’s quite a costly deal, and the bitter truth is even after pouring such lump sum dollars from your wallet, what’s the guarantee that the investment will be worthy in the long run?

Well, the good news about Facebook marketing is, the investment cost will be zero whenever you choose Facebook for building your business.

Which means even if you’re making a profit of 200US$ also say for e.g. in a month, your investment cost for setting up your business place inventories, etc. is completely free of  cost!

It’s all about creating a virtual business page where detailed information about your business will be displayed including the products or services, free of cost.

To add contents in the page, just upload the contents and the job’s done! Simple

Budget friendly Facebook ad marketing facility to spin conversion from leads

Facebook ad marketing is one of the easiest budget friendly ways to get in touch with solid leads.

You never know when those leads are going to trigger an unexpected conversion!

Facebook ads are charged on different bases. Primarily it depends upon Cost per Million and Cost per Click, i.e. CPM and CPC respectively. While CPM is charged on the calculation per thousand impressions from the viewers, CPC is charged on per visitor’s click.

If you’re looking ahead to fetch a quick conversion then, limit the budget of your amount on Facebook ad to be spent for a day and choose OCPM (Optimized CPM) to display your ad in front of those viewers who’re likely possible to respond towards it for buying your product or availing your service.

The moment a visitor takes interest in the ad, get ready to expect a conversion next, as you might just hit a sale! You have to knowledge about How to Download Videos From Facebook to iPhone.

The most interesting part of Facebook ad campaigns is, these ads are also shown to mobile users too as they’re created for that purpose.

According to a recent survey it’s believed that, 66% of Facebook ad revenue is generated from mobile users currently!

Easy to choose a suitable location to platform a business

Social media site like Facebook is one of the key destinations to reach maximum visitors within a limited time and a budget.

Unlike the search engines where the owner of a business has to buy a web hosting server, rent a domain, pay for its maintenance charges, yearly renewal plan, etc., Facebook is free of such hassles. Just open a business profile anad promote your page accordingly. Automatically, leads will be generated and your business will boom.

All you have to do is present the Facebook page in such a way that visitors get easily attracted to it. If your business looks promising to the viewers, you have already succeeded in convincing the visitors about the brand loyalty of your business. Now it’s all about preserving brand integrity of your business by increasing the relationship with the buyers.

That way you might just end up hitting another sales conversion from Facebook!

Hassle free online business transactions via Libra access from 2020

How secure the online payment mode is?

Is there any way the online transactions can be influenced and manipulated by the hackers?

Is there any chance for the recorded transactions to somehow fall in wrong hands eventually compromising with the security of my online transactions?

These are the first question that’s quite common for a buyer to shoot before accepting online payment mode for making every kind of business transactions.

Well that’s no longer will be valid from 2020, as Libra cryptocurrecy is going to bring a revolution in online business practices conducted mostly on Facebook.


  • It’s cheaper and faster to transfer money online
  • Improves the access to financial services for all, especially for those who have little access to banking
  • Instead of any specific monitory currency, a global currency based transaction is going to make online purchase and sale easier and quicker, well controlled by Calibra wallet software.

So technically, even if you’re in short of cash buying any global cryptocurrency note like Libra will always make your online transactions easy from any point of the world.

The amazing part of the story is, you barely need to pay any fee to transfer money or cash through Calibra wallet via Libra cryptocurrency note!

Amalgamating all these facilities under a single umbrella is possible only for a popular social media site like Facebook. If you’re still searching a reliable destination to host your online start-up SME, then Facebook should be on the top of your hit-list to get maximum conversion in return of a minimum investment!  

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