Understanding How your Garage Door Works


You probably know how to open a garage door and have a button or switch that you press on the inside of the garage, a numbered access code, or remote control for seamless accessibility. These make us forget about what goes into the process that makes the garage door work because we no longer have to get out of the cars and manually open them up. To expand your knowledge of garage door systems, this article explains your garage door mechanism and its components. 

The Garage Door Mechanism 

Your garage door is operated by a balancing system that uses force to balance the weight, in this case, the garage door. There are two types of systems and both depend on springs to provide support for garage doors. 

Torsion Spring System

The most popular type of garage door system is the torsion spring system. Torsion springs are usually mounted horizontally above the door opening. When the door falls, the cables attached to the bottom corners of the door wind the springs, and this winding generates stored energy. When you open the door, the springs relax and energy helps raise the garage door. When the door moves up and down, the steel in the springs weakens and can no longer raise the door. 

Spring Extension

The tension spring system uses springs that are attached to the cables and in turn, are attached to the bottom corners of the door. When the door is closed, the springs are extended, and when the door is open, the energy accumulated in the extension springs raises the door. However, this system does not last forever and as the door moves repeatedly up and down, the steel in the springs weakens and eventually breaks. It is important to check these types of springs to make sure that the safety rope passes through them. When the springs break, a lot of energy is released, which can cause damage to property or injury. 

Below are the Components of the Garage Door System

The door

Your door is the basic line of defense and is important for the integrity of the system’s operation. There are many different types of garage doors to choose from, but the differences do not significantly affect the operation of the system. 

You’ll probably have a sectional door with steel plates that separate different areas that bend when opening and closing. This means you don’t have to replace the entire door in case of damage. If you want to replace a garage door, talk to trusted garage door service providers about your options and what is right for you. 

The frame

The frame contains all parts of the garage door system that do not move. They are used to guide doors and moving parts along the track so that everything is safe and in place. When everything else is moving, the frame remains stationary. Although these parts do not play a part in the process that gets the garage door open or close, the system would fail without them. 

Horizontal and vertical door rails

These parts of the garage door system lead the door up, down and over the ceiling of the garage during system operation. 

Traction network train

Like vertical and horizontal door rails, an overhead rail is a pulley guide rail, chain/cord, and belt up and towards the operating system. This is the middle unit that hangs from the ceiling between the horizontal rails. 

Hangers set

The hanging kit connects the horizontal door railing to the ceiling with the main operator you are using. They are fully adjustable, so you can be sure that the frame parts fit in the garage and are easy to repair. 

Bottom track

This is a specific horizontal path located at the lowest part of the system. Often, you don’t see the difference between the bottom rail and garage door, but both are attached to each other to ensure that the door closes completely and avoids damage. 


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