Use Network Uptime Monitor to Diagnose Internet Problems

rsz network uptime monitor

Having a network problem can be stressful, especially when a business owner cannot figure out the precise location of a problem or when it occurred. Using an uptime monitor can help businesses to ascertain when there is a problem with their networks. There are many uptime monitors available which work in different ways, and some are limited to monitoring certain networks.

What Exactly Is An Uptime Monitor For Networks?

Network uptime refers to the time when the network connection is reliable and functional. This is measured and displayed in percentage. The network reliability is measured by checking when servers, devices, domains or websites are available. This is done using an uptime monitor. The monitor checks the network in real time and gives a log of when the network was down.

When the network connection is good, the uptime monitor will still give the log only this time stating that the connection is all good. Therefore, an uptime monitor is software installed in business computer systems to monitor networks. The software can be tweaked to the desired settings depending on the needs the client might have.

What Can Networks Be Monitored Using Uptime Monitors?

Not all the uptime monitors can handle the same kinds of network. Some are limited to public networks. However, they can be able to monitor many ports on the network providing a lot of reliability. For instance, it is possible to monitor FTP servers, DNS connections, VPNs, RDP computers, websites, mail servers, SQL servers and virtual servers amongst so many others.

Also, the monitor is also able to check on availability of devices giving a log of which devices are malfunctioning. Many networks also check the availability of websites. This is done through pinging websites like Google and giving a log of when they are unavailable.\

Benefits Of Using Network System Uptime Monitors

Helps to Find Malfunctioning Devices Quickly– Usually when there is a malfunction in the network the administrator will take a lot of time checking the entire system for the culprit. With a monitor, it is easy to find and fix malfunctioning devices.

Helps to Troubleshoot Network Problems– It is very easy to troubleshoot any network problems in the system with a monitor. Since there is a log sent as desired, the monitor makes it easy to identify when a network is down and even tell if the same problem occurs repetitively.

Saves Time Checking the entire system for problems can be tasking for many administrators especially when the network is a complex one. With an uptime monitor, it’s possible to quickly identify where the problem is in real time and have it fixed pronto.

Gives Value for Money– Usually, when service providers are called without any log, they only tell clients that the services are working properly after running certain tests. With a log, it’s possible to identify repetitive problems with the network so that the service provider can offer better services.

Therefore, a network uptime monitor is essential in identifying, troubleshooting and solving network connection problems and even telling when websites and devices fail.

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