Use of Metallic IML Foil in Various Industries

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Metallic IML foil can take an important role in being an advance competitive position and increase the business. This special kind of foil is made by applying the layer of aluminum foil to the required base film. But the natural color of the aluminum foil can be kept unchanged. The layer of this kind of foil can be printed with various design and additional color. The main advantage of a metallic foil is defined as its metallic looks exceeds by the look of standard metallic ink. The metallic foil labels have a use in the various industries like paint, cosmetic, foodstuff, storage boxes and so on.

To Paint Container

In the paint industry, this metallic IML foil is widely used. It is because the look of the metal bucket can be made similar to a plastic made stuff. The quality of the paint is excellent having long durability. The paint looks like a high definition image on any of container or product.


This market is free to go anywhere beyond the traditional user-friendly packaging style. To attract the customer good looking and specific designs are very important. And the metallic IML foil provides such type of variation in the packaging in this industry. The beautiful looks of metallic foil can give this field a required boost.

Exclusive foodstuffs

In the food packaging industry, there is wide use of metallic IML foil. It provides the special kind of packaging with a certain look that matches with the positioning of the food. It creates an impact on the customer for the particular type of food items in the market.

Storage boxes

If you want your storage boxes to look different from normal storage boxes, the metallic in-mold labeling can attain this look. The technique gives your storage boxes different look from others.

Many brands applaud the features of metallic foil and the impact it provides to the market. It helps in increasing sales and reduces the cost of the overall packaging. It is cost efficient because the cost of plastic is cheaper compared to the metals. So basically, you are having metal experience by using a plastic product or container with the help of metallic IML foil. If you are choosing this type of labeling, you should consider some technical fundamentals.

Metallic IML INK

These types of foils are made of metalized cold foil and IML labels printed UV ink or metallic IML ink. Earlier the metallic effect was created through foil but now it is achieved by the use of silver ink. By using such ink it is possible to prepare the premium quality of foil with very cheap price.

Using the metallic silver ink it is possible to obtain the result of finish material very similar to rotogravure and flexo printing process. But the advantage is that you are getting this at a very low price.

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