Using These Simple Tips Avoid Most Types of Cybercrime

Using These Simple Tips Avoid Most Types of Cybercrime

The digital platform has a lot to offer in terms of business opportunities, entertainment, educational purposes, and shopping platforms, among others. However, every time you are online, you could be exposing yourself to cybercrime. There are unsavory characters on the internet whose sole purpose in life is to steal information and use it for their good. You could incur losses running into thousands of dollars or have your information leak to the wrong people. It is of utmost importance that you take steps to protect yourself from cybercrime. We will explore some of the ways you can do this below.

#1 Use Licensed Internet Security Suite

Licensed Internet Security Suites will protect you from present and emerging vulnerabilities such as viruses and malware. You get to protect your personal information every time you are on the online platform.

#2 Keep Protect Yourself

Your online security begins with you. Be aware of your surroundings at any time, and every time you are online. Keep your information private, so that the hackers do not get tips on what you could potentially be used as your passwords. Educate yourself on cybercrime and the steps you can take to avoid them.

#3 Activate Anti-Spam Blocking

One of the most straightforward tips you can ever implement is to avoid opening any emails that may have attachments or links from sources you do not know. It can become even easier for you if you activate your anti-spam blocking feature.

#4 Use SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate will provide you with secure encryption between a browser and a server. You also get the HTTPS, which is additional proof that your website is safe. For instance, a Wildcard SSL Certificate is an excellent option if you have multiple domains and their subdomains. It will give you protection for all of them, without requiring you to buy a separate SSL certificate for each subdomain. It is cost-effective and allows for easier management because you do not need to remember different expiry dates.

#5 Use Very Strong Passwords

You must be very careful about the type of passwords you use. You should use separate password for your various sites. A combination of numbers, letters, and symbols will make your passwords stronger. Please do not leave your passwords in the default setting because they are easy to hack. Please take advantage of tools such as password managers to create unique passwords, and to remember them.

#6 Enable Your System Firewall

Operating systems typically come with a pre-installed firewall that will give you protection against vulnerabilities online. You get digital protection against hackers who may try to send malicious packets to your system. Ensure you enable your firewall so that you get that first protection against the Cybercriminals.

#7 Phishing Prevention

Have you ever received an email asking you to confirm some details about yourself? It will most likely look like it’s coming from financial institutions such as a bank. You will get a link that you should click on so that it directly to the bank’s site. Under no condition, you should click on that link. Take the long route and use your browser to access the site the link is trying to direct you to. Phishers try to entice you to click on malicious link and when you enter your login credentials, they will misuse it.

#8 Keep Software Updated

Software developers take a lot of time to update whatever they release into the market. Keep up with the updates so that you can take advantage of the latest security features. There is always an emerging vulnerability that you must keep your system safe from. Fortunately, with features such as automatic updates and scans, you do not have to do it manually.

#9 Enable 2FA Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a feature you will find on many online services. You must take advantage of this feature because it gives you an added layer of security. The 2FA is a code that you will get, which provides you with safety in the case that someone gains access to your username or password. When they try to log in, the system will ask them a question that you set as the second layer of authentication. Since it is information that is personal to you, they will not have access to it, which will make it that much harder for them to access your site.

#10 Cybercrime Protection

A comprehensive Internet Security Suite on your system will give you tons of features that can protect you from cybercrime. Such include spam filters, virus protection, parental control, safe banking software, among others. You also get cloud-based security protection, which will block any malicious content that tries to access your website.

#11 Be Careful Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is convenient and, best of all, free. However, it is one of the most fertile breeding grounds for cybercriminals. Because it is open, anyone can access whatever information you are receiving or sending. Be careful about accessing sites such as your bank accounts using public Wi-Fi. Installing a virtual private network (VPN) can give you some anonymity when you must use internet connectivity outside of your home or office.

#12 Encrypt the Local Hard Disk

You may take all the security measures on the online space, but what if you were to lose your computer or laptop? Whoever has it will be able to access all your information quite easily. You should encrypt your hard drive to safeguard your information. Encryption ensures that you are the only one who has the unique key that can unlock the contents of your hard drive.

#13 Protect Your Children

Cybercriminals have no qualms about targeting children when they want to access the networks of their targets. Remain very aware of what your children are doing on the internet. Install kid-friendly browsers and lockdown the device is so that you have total control over when and how they use them. Teach them to be careful about how they use the internet, including downloads, direct messaging, clicking on links, among others.

Final Thoughts

Your security on the online platform starts with you and one of them is to install a wildcard SSL certificate is an efficient way of reducing data sniffing. You must also follow the steps we have highlighted above to be safe on the online platform.

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