Valorant Beginner’s Guide: How to Improve Your Aim


Riot Games’ newest tactical shooter, Valorant, is becoming the greatest first-person shooter (FPS) title globally. Valorant being a tactical shooter is different from games like Call of Duty and more similar to Counter-Strike. So if you have played Counter-Strike before, you must know that for the best gameplay, teamwork and accuracy is most critical.

Valorant stands out from the other shooter genres. If you get adapted to the techniques, you can ace every bullet and score multiple headshots. But in case you don’t have prior experience in playing with a tactical shooter before and are skeptical about how to improve your aim as a beginner, here is a guide with easy and excellent tips as well as all specifics about valorant.

Tips To Improve Your Aim at Valorant

In Valorant, every match has two teams comprising five players. Prior to any match, each player has to select a character called an agent with distinct powers and abilities. A team can only select one of each Agent option. 

Matches run in rounds, and the first team that wins rounds is designated as the winner of the match. To get multiple wins as a beginner, read these valorant hacks from aimclub. But if you wish to improve your aim, here are the most effective tips for you: 

1.  Practice

If you play Valorant casually, there’s no need to rush, But if you are genuinely looking forward to improving, you need to keep in mind that the foremost thing you need to do is practice. To become a pro at it will take time, but your skills will increase through training and combined efforts. If you spend hours on Valorant, you might as well practice and work on the tips mentioned ahead.

2.  Check Your Aim Regularly

You aim height, and how you pre aim in corners and different positions play a significant role in getting kills. While playing in FPS, players generally gravitate towards aiming lower towards the floor with time. But lower the aim, the longer it will take to target. Thus, practice aiming for the head early, and it will help you gain skills over time.

Apart from that, making a note and being aware of your crosshair placement every minute or so will help you position well naturally with time, enabling you to get those headshots.

The next step is pre-aiming corners. You need to think about the possible positions of an opponent on the map as you move around. Once you get acquainted with the maps, it will be easier to identify hiding spots. Practice lining up or pre aiming a shot before you step around corners. It is more crucial for attackers as defenders have their aims set up prior.

3.  Get Familiar With Recoil

Mastering the recoil system in Valorant is a challenge. You must be wondering what recoil is as a beginner. When you fire using a full-auto gun, at first, it will aim at the target but eventually rise upwards, above your crosshair. After a certain height, they won’t move up and start drifting left and right randomly, which could backfire on you. 

To get a hold over the recoil in Valorant, pull your crosshair down a little bit while you spray the bullets so that they land at head height continuously. As you keep practicing this, it’ll come to you naturally. Crouching as well as matching the tracers of your gun to where your opponent is can also help against recoil.

4.  Don’t Run, Walk

Running may seem tempting to move faster, but you should know that your footsteps make noise, and any enemy present around can hear you. When you run, a little circle appears on your minimap that shows you how far the sound of your footsteps is reaching. Instead of running, start walking by holding Shift. 

Walking is slower, but it won’t give off the sound of your footsteps to your enemy. Another important reason to walk is to get more accuracy. Even if you are running for a valid reason while taking a shot, stop and aim. It will give you stability and help you get the kill quickly.

5.  Hacks

Not everyone is a natural when it comes to headshots or even kills. That’s why many people use the help of aim assist software in order to improve their aim and go through an optimum gaming experience. It is a steal for beginners who are looking for undetected cheats and wins. Cheats could be expensive, but they are full-proof and safe.

Aimclub provides excellent game cheats and high-quality assistance to help you with any issues you might face using the cheats.


If you take into consideration these tips, you can definitely ace your game in Valorant. It is not much of an impossible task to become a pro as a beginner. You just need to practice and keep the above points in mind. If you do it correctly, you will be on top of the game in no time!

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