Video Marketing Advantages for Small Businesses

video marketing

Small businesses often struggle with small budgets, and they neglect the importance of marketing, or in the best-case scenarios they opt for free or for the cheapest marketing tools. However, marketing is not a luxury, it is a necessity, an investment which can generate a considerable return. And since we are talking of returns of investment, did you know that video marketing has the highest return of investment of all online marketing strategies. Not only that, but experts predict that videos will soon drive more than 90% of all the internet traffic. Videos present a unique opportunity to set yourself aside from your competition, while entertaining your customers and presenting your business in a new light. A video production company helps businesses to reach new customers and generate more leads. It becomes imperative to hire video production companies such as Creative Triplet that increase brand awareness and deliver tangible results. If you are still not convinced, keep on reading to learn how videos can boost the success of a small business.

It is accessible

Up until a few years ago, high quality videos were only accessible for large corporations. However, nowadays, almost anyone can produce a decent quality video. Even large corporations sometimes use their smartphones to post live videos on social media. Moreover, for higher quality videos there are now numerous movie companies that have a lot of experience working with small videos and their services are quite affordable. If your business is based in California, consider working with the VFX Studio in Los Angeles. They do some amazing special effects and they collaborate with a lot of local businesses, so they know what best works for small businesses.

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More efficient communication for online businesses

Communication is easy when you run a local business. People come into your store, they see your product from every angle, they ask questions when they don’t understand something, and your shop assistants have the opportunity to make an efficient sales pitch. However, in the online world, things are a little more complicated. Pictures and technical description are often insufficient to help customers understand your product. This is where videos come to the rescue, as they allow you to present your products in detail, while also showing how the products can bring value to the potential customers. Moreover, when posting the videos on social media, you give the customers the opportunity to interact with your business through reactions or comments.

More memorable ads

Videos are 80% more likely to be remembered by viewers than images and texts. Not only that, but videos also send more memorable messages. Through videos, people associate a message with a face, a song or a catchy slogan, so they are more likely to remember your ad, and think of your business the next time they need products or services like the ones that you are providing.

Create an emotional experience

Emotions are the heart of marketing. If you can manage to create a positive emotion in your audience, you are more likely to convince them to buy from you. The best example of this strategy is the Coca Cola marketing strategy that has always been focused on creating and spreading joy. Your passion for your business can be hard to capture in just words and images. Videos on the other hand give you the opportunity to speak directly to your customers and share your passion with them. By creating a more emotional relationship with your audience, you are more likely to attract new customers and to increase the loyalty of your existing customers.

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Reach a larger audience

This may sound hard to believe, but mobile users have a higher attention spam than desktop users, at least when it comes to videos. Desktop users have a maximum attention span of 2 minutes, while mobile users have an attention span of 2-5 minutes. Not only that, but people of different ages use different social platforms, so it can be difficult to reach them all with standard adds. On the other hand, videos appeal to people of all ages, and they can be shared on any platform. As such, they are a great way for you to reach a bigger audience.

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