VPN Battle Ground – Which is the Best VPN Out There?


Meta description: Confused about which VPN should you consider? Here are the best of the best that are available in the industry today, check out the features, and pick the right one for you!

All VPN service providers promise the best for their customers, but when push comes to shove, which ones deliver their promise is hard to say. Many providers try to create the image that they are the most secure and the best in the business. However, that’s not true; all services have their strength and weaknesses.

Let’s find out which one is the best among hundreds of VPN services available in the market today. When looking for a VPN, the key rule is to look for companies that have a credible and proven history.

Avoid using free VPNs, as they often have ambiguous privacy and logging policies and little incentive to serve the customer. Some may go as far as selling consumer data to advertisers and other third parties to make money.

After testing more than 18 VPN services, we shortlisted the top 4 in the industry that is most renowned and provided the greatest experience during our testing. We recommend you Diebestenvpn Service also.

The 4 Best VPN Services

After shortlisting the best ones, here’s our review for each service:

#1 Surfshark VPN

We began our testing with Surfshark as the provider has been gaining great popularity. It is a perfect choice if online security and privacy are your top concerns. The provider has been praised by many review sites and tech gurus and even has a 9.3 rating on Trustpilot.

When it comes to Netflix unblocking or any geo-restricted website, Surfshark has got you covered! While conducting Surfshark review, we found it to be very swift with its operations, be it connectivity or speed.

On the downside, Surfshark does not offer any free trial so buyers may be a little hesitant, but the review ratings sure do provide some credibility. The service is packed with a huge range of features, and its jurisdiction ensures that your data cannot be asked for by any authority.


⦁ Strict No Logging Policy
⦁ 50 countries
⦁ 800+ servers
⦁ Live Chat (24/7)
⦁ P2P & Torrenting Allowed
⦁ Unblocks Netflix USA
⦁ connect to unlimited devices
⦁ OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2
⦁ JURISDICTION: British Virgin Islands


⦁ Weak chat support
⦁ inconsistent speed


$11.95/ per month
$5.95/ per month (12 months plan)
$1.99/ per month (24 months plan)

#2 ExpressVPN

As the name suggests, ExpressVPN is famous for providing super fast internet speeds with minimum speed drop. It unblocks Netflix and other geo-blocked websites easily, which shows the level of its capabilities.

ExpressVPN comes with user-friendly client software, which is pretty intuitive and does not give the feel of something only a tech expert could use and understand. ExpressVPNs jurisdiction plays a large part in the company being a good choice, as the British Virgin Islands don’t come under data retention laws.

ExpressVPN is also priced at a little above the market price, but given the level of quality, it seems justified.


⦁ Torrenting
⦁ No DNS/IP leaks
⦁ 30,000+ IP addresses
⦁ 3,000+ Servers
⦁ 160 server locations
⦁ Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands
⦁ 94+ countries


⦁ Expensive


$12.95/ per month
$9.99/ per month (6 months plan)
$8.32/ per month (12 months plan)

#3 Nord VPN


NordVPN is one of the most well known and prestigious VPN service providers; it is considered to be one of the most secure services out there. Its large number of servers in diverse locations around the globe is a key selling point.

The client software is pretty simple for anyone to use and is packed with a bundle of amazing features, and has a solid no logging policy. During testing, no DNS leaks were found either.

Its jurisdiction plays a huge role in making it one of the most favored choice, as Panama’s cyber privacy laws are pro VPN. Panama’s jurisdiction means that no law enforcement agency can force the company to reveal the customer’s data and online activities.


⦁ 5,000 IP addresses
⦁ 5000+ servers
⦁ Server locations: 61
⦁ Jurisdiction: Panama
⦁ 6 simultaneous connections
⦁ Torrenting


⦁ Expensive


11.95/ per month
6.99/per month (12-month plan)
3.99/per month (24-month plan)
2.99/per month (36-month plan)

#4 Pure VPN


The Hong Kong-based provider has the privilege of being the first VPN service to fully implement GDPR, which is a big thumbs up for those concerned about data privacy.

PureVPN does amazingly well when it comes to streaming and is famous for providing blazing internet speeds so that you may seamlessly watch your favorite content. Another great feature for streamers is that PureVPNs dashboard comes with a long list of streaming platform choices, which work simply by the click of a button.

The price range is also in line with the market rates of other premium services, a great benefit that PureVPN offers is its 31-day money back guarantee, and it also accepts payments in bitcoin which is a plus point for those seeking anonymity.

The core features of PureVPN are:


⦁ NAT Firewall add-on
⦁ kill switch
⦁ 300,000+ IP addresses
⦁ 2000+ Servers
⦁ Server locations: 180
⦁ 10 simultaneous connections
⦁ Torrenting
⦁ Jurisdiction: Hong Kong


⦁ DNS leaks


$11 per month
$9/month (6-Month plan)
$5/month (12 months plan)

Summing Up!

Each VPN has its own unique set of features. Some work amazingly well for few while some don’t; your choice of selecting a lesmeilleursvpn VPN should depend on your needs, such as streaming, anonymity, encryption, and so on. So know that there is no one perfect service, it varies from person to person. But make sure whichever service you opt for is secure, credible and has a good name in the industry!

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