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Dallas business owners may have one common goal: get a couple more hundred or thousand extra visits to their website. Before you start thinking that an increase in website traffic may not necessarily mean increased revenues, you should know that it surely can. 

You need a comprehensive digital marketing plan to get the desired results, and it all starts with SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Dallas SEO can put your business in a more prominent position on the map, ahead of your competitors, and increase your online visibility. With increased exposure, more visitors come to your website. 

SEO is a long-term strategy with formidable results, provided you can invest your time, money, and resources. 

Higher organic traffic means more people finding you in Dallas, which translates to more calls your business gets. As you set up more appointments, there will, eventually, be a boost in closed deals and ROIs. 

Here are the various ways you can boost your organic traffic:

Responsive Web Design

Having a well-designed and attractive website means nothing if it is not visible across all devices. Google makes its mission to rank mobile-friendly websites higher to ensure optimal user experience. 

Given that Google adapts the mobile-first indexing, and internet users are not going to slow down their smartphone and mobile usage, responsive web design becomes an integral part of Dallas SEO.

Furthermore, if gaining more online exposure is on the list of your business objectives, focus on building a mobile site. Users can share your content or link your URL from their mobiles. 

People who are ready to purchase your services can locate you when searching for “best home remodelers in South Dallas.” Likewise, people tend to use their mobiles during an emergency, e.g., “pediatric emergency rooms near me.” 

Voice Search Optimization

Voice-activated technology is now being adapted like never before, with voice shopping estimated to touch $40 billion by 2022. Whether you are driving on the Main Street District and need directions, or using the smart gadgets at home, you may use voice search.

Voice SEO includes optimizing your content for the keywords or search queries that users ask in a question format. Dallas SEO for voice-activated devices is a lot tougher than SEO. 

The key is to keep the answers short and concise in your content. For instance, you may ask, “What is there to do in Dallas this weekend?” And Google returns with answers in 30-odd words.

You may also be right to think of including differently-worded FAQs on your pages – you never know how users may frame their queries. It is also crucial to include the key phrase in your title tags. 

SEO-Friendly Content 

Content is why search exists. When your website does not provide value to the user, you will see high bounce rates. In contrast, staying away from thin and unoriginal content is the way to avoid Google’s penalty. 

Creating SEO content involves:

Keyword Research: The primary purpose of Dallas SEO is to generate traffic through Google and other search engines. For this, you need to have an understanding of how users search for a product using keywords. Some need information, some want to compare different brands, and some are in the final stage of the buying cycle. Depending on your goals, you can target specific keywords and create content around those. 

Content Optimization: Maximize your searchability by using relevant keywords throughout the content. There should be a logical structure to the content flow that engages the users and encourages them to make a decision. It also helps them find other related pages easily. You may use calls to action above the fold of the web page to help your Dallas customers add products to the cart or easily navigate to the contact form. 

Link Building: Link the keywords in your content with external and internal links to improve the user experience. Produce quality content consistently so that reputed and high-traffic sites can link back to you. Sharing it on social networks and collaborating with organic influencers and bloggers will increase your online presence. 

Technical SEO: Websites with certain technical characteristics get more attention from search engines than those that do not. Google gives preferential treatment to HTTPS websites that have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Search engine spiders get confused by duplicate content (if any) and do not know which page to rank. Make sure to fix such issues and submit an XML sitemap to let search engines know where relevant pages are.

Social Media Marketing

You know how a mobile site’s URL is easy to share. In the same manner, posting your unique and concise content on social media platforms is highly shareable. 

Your page rankings may or may not improve directly, but your online visibility will. If there are several mentions of your brand on social media, Google will likely rank you high for those keywords. 

Especially if you combine your posts with attractive images, more people may visit your website, and this improves your conversions. Moreover, they help you make meaningful connections with local influencers. 

Dallas companies targeting the local audience may use their social media profiles as effective platforms to promote their content. For instance, you are a store that would like to offer Father’s Day discounts on your products; your official social media account is an excellent way to bring more foot traffic. 

There are also several ways to boost traffic through paid search, such as:

PPC (pay-per-click) Marketing, e.g., Google AdWords, Bing Ads 

Social Media Advertising, e.g., Facebook Ads, Google +Post Ads

Paying for top-ranking keywords ensures that your business appears on the top of the search results, even higher than the sites with #1 organic ranking. These ads are native and blend into the SERPs and look like any other search result. While SEO takes time to show profits, paid ads can boost your traffic instantly. 

Dallas SEO and online marketing services are a strategic-blend of long-tail keyword data, local SEO, Google Trends, PPC, Google Maps marketing, data-driven content calendars, and other techniques. By combining an influx of backlinks from authority sites and a fresh website with engaging content, SEO can provide valuable returns in the long run.

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