Ways to Build SEO While Working As Solo Entrepreneur


Have you ever made any plan to create SEO all by yourself? If so, then you might want to grab some help from an expert in SEO, designed to boost the search engine results of the said website. Whether you are playing the role of an online marketer in any big firm or just working as a smaller business owner, it is time to improve SEO using some of your steps. It is time for you to get hands deep into techniques and tactics for achieving amazing results using some proven DIY SEO steps well.

Start off with the keywords:

This is always stated to be the primary step to achieve that success in your upcoming SEO campaign. It is highly recommended that you start using thee Google Keyword Planner tool for adding URL of website’s homepage and then just review the keyword ideas it will offer. Make sure to work on the same note on 2 to 3 competitive websites in here. You should start learning to work on Alexa SEO audit as well, as a change.

Try to optimize content for long tail and relevant keywords:

Some of the long tail keyword based phrases are available in over 3 words. Most of the time, shorter ones are proven to be more competitive in nature. It means that the businesses over here are likely to invest quite some bucks, effort and time for getting the current higher ranking in the SERP. Some of the long tail ones can also be ranked quite easily and can be used for driving some more traffic.

Make way to gather keyword ideas:

It is time for you to gather some of the keyword ideas right from the customers. It is always advisable that you get the chance to optimize website with the help of keywords, which will matter the most to line of business. You can always work on that by just gathering some keyword ideas from customers as words that they might use in describing products or services. You can ask them some amazing questions through some website form, face to face sessions and even through surveys. After collecting the allotted ideas, you can create content around them. For that, use lingo that customers are well-aware of as those keywords are widely searched.

On-page optimization requirements:

Once you have identified targeted keywords, be sure to use the same in title of the web page, in body whenever possible and even in the site’s URL, if you get the chance to do so. Title tag is always proven to be quite important. You can further work on Meta description, widely used for attracting visitors from SERPs.

Following these simple yet effective DIY steps will help you use SEO in the best and prime possible manner and gain the results you have always worked out on. The more you search the better results you are likely to come up with over here for sure. Learn more about the steps and get results covered now.

Sujain Thomas is an SEO professional and content developer based in Detroit. She has helped a lot of companies get their websites off to a good start and blogs about good writing practices and services like DietSEO agency.