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Many companies want to be at the forefront and get all the necessary information so they can sell their products faster and position themselves as the number one company in the market. One of the strategies that many companies are applying nowadays is web scraping. Have you ever heard of this term? Do you know how it works and how to use it? Web scraping is digging up different web pages and collecting as much information and data as possible. Once this information is collected it is later transferred to a proper server. Although it sounds strange, there are large companies that make scrapings with no problem especially when they sell products online. There’s a big controversy about web scraping being legal or not. This depends on each company and their policies. However, the reality is that web scraping is here and it is here to stay.

Bots are in charge of collecting data

Web scraping is done employing programs that are given commands to collect the information that we need. These programs are called bots which are computer programs that automatically perform all the tasks by which these were created. There are legitimate and malicious bots. Many people compare malicious bots with a virus because they work almost the same. Bots are a type of malware that can spread in a system but they are designed for a specific activity. Bots can access any website and steal sensitive data such as passwords, banking or personal information, banking accounts, social media accounts, and emails. These are also created to execute phishing attacks and to participate in denial-of-service attacks. Most bots are the main cause of spam. If you have noticed that your emails are overloading spam, a bot may be trying to break in and steal your information. Although it seems amazing, some malicious bots are created to connect to a central server. When this happens, these malicious bots create a network called a botnet.

There are different kinds of bots

To learn more about bots, we would like to explain about four types of them.

#1 DDoS attack bots

This type of attack is created when cyber criminals invade certain systems with many computer requests and thus create a gigantic bots network. Because there are many operating systems at a time, the server cannot respond within the set timeframe and therefore the requests cannot be processed.

#2 Inventory denial attack bots

Many companies run this type of bots on the websites of different competitors. By doing this, they enter the shopping cart, select items from the Store, pretend to buy them but the transaction is never completed. Therefore, when potential buyers visit this website to buy certain items, they receive a message saying that the item is sold out even though it is still available.

#3 Scraping bots

This type of bots is designed to extract all the information from different websites. They are in charge of examining the data and information and later on duplicate it so it can be sent to another website. Most companies use these bots to collect users’ data. Malicious Bots steal all the information from third parties and believe it or not, many cybercriminals may even sell this stolen information on the Deep Web.

#4 Credentials attack bots

They create fake accounts to steal all kinds of passwords leaving the users’ information exposed to the public.

How to protect our system from bots?

How can we protect our system from these bots? There are many ways to protect it but the best one is to always update our system with reliable antivirus and other security solutions. We should also integrate web security that allows us to have a clear view of attacks. If you have a company you must create security awareness. It is important because you probably have confidential information and therefore must be protected. As you can see, there are malicious bots that can affect you as an individual and as a company. You need professional help to stay away from them.

If you are interested in learning more about bots and scraping and how to protect your company, you can contact zenserp. For many years we have provided outstanding service when it comes to web scraping. We provide the best tools and services to all our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us today on our website where you can learn more about us and ask the questions you want. Leave us your information and we will contact you and thus know your needs.

With our customized services, we can provide you with one that best fits your needs. If you suspect that malicious bots are trying to get into your system, contact us today and allow us to do the work for you.

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