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As internet users become smarter than ever, they understand the value of web security. After all, every time they share their personal information with a website, there is a threat of data falling in the wrong hands. But the protection of their personal information is not just the owner’s responsibility. The website where a user shares it should also have the right security measures in place. Thankfully, Google has done its own bit to make sure that website owners take it seriously. If you are not making efforts to have a secure site, the slack approach can affect your SEO rankings in the long run. Here are some reasons why you should go the extra mile with it.

HTTPS is a critical ranking signal

A site has to earn its search rankings and there’s much that you need to achieve. It is easy to believe that great content and amazing design are enough to impress Google for putting your site on top of search rankings. If you collaborate with a white label SEO reseller, they would prioritize security as a significant SEO element. A secure site is a place where they would be keen to interact and convert by sharing personal and financial information. An unsecured website, on the other hand, risks their online safety and even has a negative impact on the UX. Investing in an HTTPS domain and having an SSL certificate is the way to go.

The risk of getting blacklisted

Although a site with poor security is not an indication of malicious intent, it puts you at high risk. After all the good work you may have done with your site’s content, it may get stolen or tampered with. The last thing you would want to happen is a hacking attack, which can land even a winning SEO campaign in deep trouble because of duplicate content issues. To make things worse, someone may place spammy or illegitimate links on your website, which can get your site blacklisted and penalized by Google. These links are dangerous because you may not be able to detect them until it is too late. Strong security helps maintain the integrity of your site so that you can steer clear of unnecessary penalties.

Security fosters trust

The visitors who land on your site need to trust you enough to share their details online for completing the purchase. Similarly, trust is important for Google to keep your site ranking on the first page. If you outsource SEO services, make sure that they would be fine-tuning your site’s security as a part of technical optimization. If they do it, the SEO Packages pricing shouldn’t bother you much because their services will be worthwhile. Security fosters trust, which is the best investment you can make for your business. On the other hand, if you lose credibility once, you will not be able to rebuild it easily. It makes sense to show the visitors that the security of their data matters to you.

Security is one of the key investments that you need to make for winning on the SEO front. Not only will it ramp up your rankings but also get you the trust of the audience and credibility for your brand.

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