What are LED flood lights, their features, and their usage?

LED flood lights

Flood word in floodlights is not about the water, Floodlights are those particular lights that flood specific areas with light. They provide bright light in the area like daylight and they are attractive among outdoor lights.

They may have narrow beams of light such as in the case of a performance stage light and they can also be available in higher beam spread angles which permit them to illuminate a huge area with the same lumen and wattage.

Led flood light is an outdoor light fixture that uses the latest light-emitting diode technology which makes its best use outdoor places. They are considered the best flood lights because they are more long-lasting as compared to other traditional floodlights. It has been estimated that in contrast to fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen lamps,  LEDflood lights run approximately 10 times more hours.

 LED flood lights

Specifications and features of  led flood  lights

While buying any lighting fixtures you have to keep in mind a few specifications that you want it to be in. Among other floodlights, LED flood lights have superiority because of the latest technology and other features which are described below:

  • Energy savage is one of the perimeters that is demanded by most customers. By using LEDfloor lights you can save energy up to 60%.
  • These lights can survive harsh conditions such as they can run in low temperatures given below -20 degrees centigrade.
  • They are shock or physical vibration resistant which makes them ideal to use outdoors in factories and industries.
  • These lights can be set in hard places which are difficult to approach with convenient technology.

Lepro LED floodlights

Lepro US is one of the best lighting fixtures companies that provides reliable and efficient lighting systems to people. They are offering a variety of lights in different sizes and specifications, for instance, different Watt outdoor LEDflood lights are available. They also have smart systems and technologies such as motion sensors or remote control. We have enlisted some of the qualities of Lepro LEDflood lights:

  • Lepro LEDflood lights are IP65 waterproof
  • These can save energy and reduce your electricity bill.
  • They are available at a reasonable price with high quality.
  • They are easily installable and they can be adjusted up to 360°
  • All the lepro lights are FCC and ETL listed
  • Lepro US provide free shipping on LEDflood lights

How to select a LEDflood light?

There are some parameters that every person considers while choosing LEDlights for the area. Among them, the main parameter is wattage. LEDflood lights are classified into three main categories based on as described below:

  • Low wattage LED floodlights

These lights operate at a power of 15 to 40 Watts and they are best to be used for the doorways, on the footpath where a small area is needed to be illuminated but for frequent time. They come in different sizes and you can choose the size according to your preference.

  • Mid-wattage LED flood light

These lights run at 40-80 W power and they are most preferable for the areas which require moderate level illumination such as small gardens or driveways.

  • High wattage LED flood lights

These are those lights that can run on triple-digit wattage or high wattage 100 W or more. These are the best light fixtures for the places where it is needed to illuminate a large area such as roadways, parking lots, or other commercial sites.


LED floodlights are best to use as outdoor lights because of their latest technology and energy-saving features. These lights are long-lasting, reliable and shock and temperature resistant. Lepro US is one of the best lighting fixtures companies. It provides LED flood lighting fixtures in varying sizes and wattage as described in the above article.

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