What Are the Benefits of Home Automation?

Home automation

While long associated with mansions, luxury communities, and high salaries, home automation is becoming more and more affordable. With a variety of entry-level consumer goods with enabled connectivity, it’s possible to automate your home for under $250 using several popular and easy-to-use products. Although home automation is often viewed through the lens of extravagance or simply being on the cutting edge, there are actually several benefits to reap when you automate your home. Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to consider automating different aspects of your house.


Have you ever left the house and remembered that you forgot to lock your door or turn off the air conditioner? Oftentimes, these sorts of situations require you to turn around and head back to your house or call a neighbor in the hopes that they are home and available to do you a favor. This can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be the way you handle these types of situations. You can also read more about condos that come furnished with advanced automation devices.

With smart home automation, you can control different functions of your house and its appliances from a few taps on a smartphone app. This can be much more convenient than moving from room to room to check that you’ve turned off your lights before you head out for the day.


Keeping your home safe and your belongings protected is another great benefit of automating different aspects of your home. Nowadays, security surveillance systems for the home are inexpensive and come with robust, web-based control panels that allow you to monitor your house and yard from wherever you happen to be. Combined with video doorbells like the popular Ring, you can monitor mail deliveries, let in houseguests, and do much more all thanks to the latest tech.

Reduced costs

While some characterize home automation technology as an expensive extravagance, in actuality smart appliances and thermostats can help save you money. Energy efficiency has long been linked with lower heating and electrical costs. Thanks to smart thermostats that monitor your house’s temperatures when you are home and away and manage the temperature as they learn your preferences, you can save on your utility bills without sacrificing comfort. According to some studies, these kinds of thermostats can even save you up to 15 percent annually on your cooling bills, which can be a major boon to anyone living in an area where the summers necessitate air conditioning.

More connection

An automated home also offers you more opportunities to connect with the people that matter most to you, either through video, audio, or images. Smart speakers like the Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa offer conference calling in a package so user-friendly that even children and the elderly can use it to chat with each other. New technologies like the Ibi make this kind of personalized sharing even easier. What is Ibi, you may ask? It’s an integrated smart home device which helps you quickly and securely manage and share photos with the people that matter most to you, even displaying images from distant relatives on your screen regardless whether the photo is on your phone, computer, or social media account.

Home automation is more than just a fad. In fact, the only reason it has gained so much popularity is because of the way it eliminates unnecessary stresses in your life and frees your time up to focus on what really matters to you. From increasing your home’s security to saving you money and connecting you to the people who matter most in your life, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch and start automating your house.

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