What are the Duties & Prohibitions of Firearms Dealers?


Relevant government agencies implement the constitution by submitting firearm dealers to set guidelines and regulations as they go about their business. With a vast majority of Americans opting to exercise their second amendment right of purchasing and possessing a firearm, firearm dealers have increased across the country. This means that relevant government institutions have to carefully stipulate the duties and prohibitions of firearm dealers, to ensure that they minimize the risks associated with having a firearm.

What to Expect from a Law Abiding Arms Dealer

When a customer comes to your store intending to purchase a firearm, the store employee is required by law to conduct a thorough background check. However, if a customer already has a license, a background check is unnecessary since they are already in the system. They should not complete a transaction with an unlicensed firearm purchaser without initiating a background check.

Meticulous record-keeping should be a key objective for every firearm dealer in case authorized law enforcement bodies require that information for the sake of national security. If you are dealing in arms without proper documentation of every acquisition and sale of firearms, then you risk having your license revoked. Record keeping is also a good strategy for identifying successful marketing campaigns and areas that need improvement.

Depending on the state you reside in, the age limit and type of firearm stipulated for each age is different. Federal law requires all firearm vendors to report any sale made to unlicensed customers: the sale of more than two pistols, revolvers, or several other firearm types, within five days after the sale, has been done.

This is not the case for the following states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas; all firearm dealers are expected to report the sale to an unlicensed customer of more than two semiautomatic rifles, which should also be done within five days after the sale. The purpose of this is to enable relevant law enforcement bodies the chance to identify red flags that pose a security threat to other citizens.

What to do if you lose a Firearm

For both firearm dealers and owners, the law clearly states that a report must be filed in the event of firearm loss or theft within the initial 48 hours after the incidence. Failure to report may hinder security enforcement bodies from performing their duties effectively, ensuring there is safety and security as citizens go about their lives. Do not ignore a firearms dealer who defies the rules because they risk the lives and well-being of the entire community.

Consulting a licensed dealer gives you the chance to follow the right procedures in the event of theft or misplacement. Don’t wait until it is too late for you to seek help from law enforcement bodies, because you could be helping them conduct safe informed decisions in regard to the safety of all citizens.

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