What is a Revolving Door?


You might have experience of going through the revolving door in your life. But what is a revolving door and what does it refer to?

If you are talking about the manners revolving doors is a terror. You might think that whether you should go first or let the lady enter first. Or does the “ladies go first” still hold? Revolving doors were invented to mitigate this indecision.

On August 7, 1888, the Philadelphian first patented the “storm door” structure that is today known as “revolving doors.” This was done just to stop the intrusion of animals like horses, donkeys in large buildings. But before this, a German H. Bockhacker patented this “Doors without Draft of Air” which was introduced in 1881, known as the world’s first revolving door. Later this door was installed at Rector’s, a restaurant in Times Square, in 1899.

But now these doors are common in large buildings and other places where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. You might have gone confused when you first had the experience of going through the revolving door.

The revolving doors consist of three or four doors often called wings or leaves. They have spaced an equal distance from each other. They are fixed around a cylinder and rotate around it. The size of the wings depends upon the size of the cylinder. The wings can be small, just enough to pass one person only, it can be large enough to allow few people or it can allow to pass a pack of luggage to fit between the wings.

The best advantage of revolving doors that they are ideal for keeping the temperature to its as it is. They are also ideal when climate control is a priority.

It is estimated that if revolving doors are replaced with the swing doors then they can save to 30% in energy cost.

The large two or three wing revolving doors optimizing the internal heating and cooling of the building. They are often called market leaders.

Then comes the compact ASSA ABLOY revolving doors that make more attractive entrances and combine the climate control with the security and convenience of an automatic door.

Revolving Doors provide a huge advantage for high buildings and allow the air to circulate from top to bottom and create energy cost for heating and air conditioning.

Revolving doors have another good feature for entering. It allows only one person to enter the building and this feature is very useful in high-security buildings like the airport and other security building so that a person can’t deceive the checking point. The other feature is that if a person enters the building on the other side the person can easily leave the building.

This feature prevents the opposite flow in the buildings and the door automatically revolves backwards to allow the person to leave the building.

Use in emergency case

In 1942, a nightclub in Boston, Massachusetts, caught fire and around 500 people were killed in this horrific fire incident. The reason behind this that the club was using only a single revolving door at the entrance. As the people rushed towards the door to escape the fire and a large number of people were trapped in the door and the door was jammed due to the rush, and many people died due to smoke inhalation because they were not able to escape the building.

Then in 1943, it became a Massachusetts state law to flank revolving doors with an outward swing.

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