What Is A Virtual Assistant? What They Do & How To Hire Them


In a perfect world, everyone would have a personal assistant to help manage tasks and get things done. However, the cost of a personal assistant is often prohibitive for most people. This is especially true for small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. These people often need the support of an assistant more than anyone, but their business constraints make it impossible to employ someone in person. That is why a virtual assistant in can be so important.

Learn What a Virtual Assistant in Is

A virtual assistant is a lot like a regular personal assistant. The main difference is that a virtual assistant does not work in the office with you. Instead, this person operates from a remote location.

Virtual assistants came to popularity thanks to entrepreneurs and online business owners. These employers may work from home or with limited office space. This can make it challenging to bring support staff into the office regularly. Today, more small and mid-sized businesses have also started to see the value of hiring virtual assistants for support with specific tasks.

Discover What Your Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

A virtual assistant can do most of the tasks of a traditional assistant, including a wide range of clerical work. The skillset for most virtual assistants extends far beyond record keeping. Virtual assistants might be able to provide support with marketing, sales, data entry and web design. In some cases, you can hire virtual assistants for specific skills. Some such assistants focus exclusively on something like public relations. Other virtual assistants may be skilled in a particular industry. You will have your pick in terms of what you would like for a virtual assistant.

Finding the Right Virtual Assistant is Easier Than You Think

Before you look for a virtual assistant, you need to know what tasks you need to be completed. List those tasks alongside specific skills that would be beneficial. It is important to know your needs in order to find a virtual assistant that can meet those demands. Thanks to the growing popularity of virtual assistants, there are now services that contract with virtual assistants on a freelance basis. By working with a service, you can get paired with a qualified virtual assistant to meet your specific needs. However, there are also independent virtual assistants. In order to make sure you find someone, you can trust, ask for referrals from people you know. You may be surprised to discover just how many people have used virtual assistants.

Know the Cost of a Virtual Assistant Before You Hire

Virtual assistants work on an hourly or contractual basis. For virtual assistants with specific or advanced skill sets, the charge can be up to $25 per hour. Contracted virtual assistants, however, typically charge around $15 per hour. It is possible to find virtual assistants for short-term needs at lower prices. However, it is worth noting that getting quality service usually requires paying a higher premium. In any case, it is possible to find a virtual assistant in  at a wide variety of price points.

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