What Is Affiliate Email Marketing

What Is Affiliate Email Marketing

A study conducted in 2020 showed that an average of 306 billion emails were sent and received per day, with 89% of marketers using them as a primary channel for generating leads. The study also revealed that for 72% of customers, mails are their first choice for business communication.

What Is Affiliate Email Marketing

Thus, email marketing is effective, popular, and result-oriented. Affiliate email marketing is a marketing channel whose purpose is to increase affiliate income. Businesses highly prefer it because it requires significantly less investment, effort, and time.

Before knowing what affiliate email marketing is, it would be helpful to understand something about affiliates in digital marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a method in which a company, business, or organization pays a blogger or social media influencer to advertise their products or services to generate sales. Affiliates do this via various methods, including SEO, pay-per-click, email, content marketing, and even display advertising.

So, email affiliate marketing is a method that involves the promotion of a business or product by placing its links in targeted and well-designed emails. When the readers or customers read and click on the links, it improves the conversion rate and site traffic. In return, affiliates are paid either via cash or use of their product or services.

Is this marketing method legal?

Yes, using emails for affiliate marketing is perfectly legal, provided you steer clear of practicing anything that constitutes spam. Although the specific list of spam laws varies from one country to another, some rules are common to all.

The first of these is ensuring that everybody on your list is open to receiving marketing materials. They should have the option of both subscribing and unsubscribing and recognizing your emails as advertisements.

It is also advisable to mention somewhere in your email that you have an affiliate agreement with your advertising brand. That will ensure it does not reach the spam folder right away and build a smooth relationship between you and your audience.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

  1. Cost-effective

There are several advantages to digital marketing via affiliate emails. The first is cost-effectiveness since it does not require a lot of investment to run an email campaign. You and your affiliate can decide on an amount beforehand.

  1. Easy to track your performance

You can also track your progress easily with this marketing method by using a variety of performance tracking networks and platforms. That will help you plan or alter a strategy to optimize the conversion rate.

Using affiliates to advertise your product also helps expand your audience exposure since marketers can curate their campaigns to reach a wider audience.

  1. Engages your audience

You can also actively engage your audience with email lists without worrying about a temporary shutdown, algorithm changes, or declining popularity associated with social media platforms. You can also avoid inappropriate practices like cold leads since all your readers are already interested in your content and, therefore, willingly share their email addresses with you.

Affiliate email marketing is one of the cheapest, most effective, and result-oriented ways to reach your targeted audience or expand your brand’s presence. If you have not tried this type of marketing strategy yet, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

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