What is Google’s mobile-first indexing?


Google is one of the best platforms when it comes to organic search and rankings. Most of the websites in the world nowadays depend on Google for getting organic traffic. Traffic brings revenue and therefore, you can say that Google brings money. Thus, SEOs are exclusively concentrating on ranking inside Google to get their website on the top and get as much traffic as possible.

However, your website needs to be indexed inside Google search to get ranked higher. If your website is not indexed, there is no chance that you can even get your website to be visible in Google Search. For this, you need to get your website listed in Google Search Console and then Google will start to index your site.

Now, you will like to know what exactly do we mean by Indexing. Indexing means that Google now knows what your website is about and lists them in the appropriate section in Google Search. When Google has indexed your website, it means that they have made a copy of your website in a format which their bots can crawl and their ranking algorithms can understand.

We recently saw the Google announcement saying that the company will start to index new websites on a mobile-first basis. This means that starting from July 1, your website will be ranked based on your mobile identity. That being said, why is it important and what is mobile-first indexing you would ask. So basically, Google currently indexes your website based on the desktop view of your website.

However, with the mobile first indexing, your website will now be indexed based on your mobile view by Google. Now, this decision by Google to index your website mobile-first is taken for a specific reason. It was a very frequent problem that Google would index content from your website which is present on the Desktop. But then, when a user clicks on that result then the content is not present on the site. This resulted in very bad user experience and Google noticed this issue as well.

Google has now realized that this needs to be stopped. And for this reason, Google has decided that all websites will now be indexed on a mobile-first basis. This means that if the content on your desktop website is not found on your mobile website, you will now be out of luck. Because Google generally penalizes higher bounce rate websites by bringing them down in rankings.

There are three ways that a website can be mobile-friendly in the eyes of Google. First of all, your website might be responsive which means that the website adapts to the device you are viewing from. If you are viewing a website from mobile, it should shift to a mobile view which is called responsive website design. Another way is that your website might have a separate page for mobile. Finally, you will not be indexed any longer in Google results if you don’t either have a responsive website or a separate mobile website.

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