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In this digital era, data plays an important role. But how to collect data successfully and adequately? Business today has become so competitive that without the right strategies, you won’t outdo your competition. Data collection with web scraping is one way you can go to improve your business. However, what is web scraping, and what does it entail?

A Closer Look at Web Scraping

What is it all about? If you are in business, you have probably used a scraper to harvest data to launch the best business strategies. If you have not yet ventured into web scraping, then you have been missing out. Check this web scraping tool given by oxylabs.

If you have ever copied and pasted certain information from a site, then you have precisely done what web scrapers do, though in a manual and microscopic scale. Web scraping is the process of obtaining – “scraping” information or data from a given site.

Web scraping process involves using intelligent automation to harvest large chunks of data from the web’s seemingly endless frontier. When it comes to data scraping, you don’t have to worry about the mind-numbing, mundane, and manual data extraction procedures – a bot will get the job done for you.

Web scraping is not all about modern convenience. No, web scraping is also about building, powering, and revolutionizing business. Businesses across the globe have been using data scraping to transform their companies. From administrative operations to marketing and down to customer service, what you can do with data collection is simply unmatched.

Web Scraping: Understanding The Basics

Web scraping involves two things:

  1. A web crawler
  2. A web scraper

The primary role of a crawler is to lead the scraper through the web to collect the requested data. A web crawler or the “spider” is simply an artificial intelligence that will browse through the internet for purposes of indexing.

A web scraper, on the other hand, is a tool that is specially designed to quickly and accurately collect data from a website. These tools are different in terms of complexity and design, depending on purpose and project.

Application of Web Scraping

Here are some of the cases of how web scraping might be incorporated into your business:

Market Research

For you to compete in the industry, you must do the right research. Comprehensive research is determined by how accurate your data is. Many companies today rely on high volume, high quality, and insightful scraped data to fuel business intelligence and market analysis. These are some of the ways you can use scraped data to re-strategize and launch the best business campaigns:

  • Market Pricing
  • Research and Development
  • Point of Entry Optimization
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Market Trend Analysis

Price Monitoring

The best way to revolutionize your business and increase your market competitiveness is by data scraping. Data scraping intended for price monitoring will lead to volumes of sales. From investment insights to automated pricing solutions, you can’t ignore the impact of data collection. You can use the scraped data for:

  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Investment Decision Making
  • Map and Brand Compliance
  • Product Trend Monitoring
  • Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Optimization

Real Estate

The real estate niche has, in the last few decades, taken a new turn and twist due to the digital transformation. In a few years, the traditional firms are either going to step up or step out – new companies who have taken their time to incorporate data scraping in their operations to make informed decisions are already taking over. Data scraping has proven to be effective in:

  • Understanding The Market Direction
  • Property Value Appraisal
  • Rental Yields Estimation
  • Vacancy Rates Monitoring

Sentiment Analysis

If you are looking to understand what your competition and customers are thinking and feeling, then web scraping is the way to go. No more guesswork, all you need is to perform sentiment analysis. How do you do that? By integrating and incorporating insightful and relevant data from your space that helps in:

  • Product Development
  • Investment Decision Making
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Product Monitoring

No matter what industry your business is in , data scraping will help you to compete effectively. However, without proxies, data scraping is almost impossible. Proxies make data scraping hassle-free by making the process anonymous. This way, you can harvest data without being detected.

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