What Makes An Ideal User Onboarding Software?

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The major issue with launching an application or a new feature in your application is retention, and no doubt, user onboarding is one of the best ways to boost the retention ratio of your application users. This is because during the initial steps of feature adoption, a user onboarding software will help in making your product easily discoverable for your users. All in all, the best onboarding tool will let your users see the real value of your product.

Why Every Application Feature Needs to Use Some Onboarding Software? 

Every application needs user onboarding, because this is the age of coding and the resources that can lead to your development are extremely valuable. App developers are always busy and developing an onboarding walkthrough is too hard to be planned by a developer. But when it comes to launching your app or feature and making it known in the market, user onboarding is of essence.

Why Retention is So Significant for an App Developer? 

Now that our app developers have done what they were asked for, let’s get back to the busines of product marketing. As far as developing an app feature and then marketing it for retention is concerned, we must remember that applications are often subscription based models that your users have to update every now and then. The job does not end with installing the app, and to retain your customers, you have to ensure that your product is giving them the value they need and expect. With a good onboarding software, your user retention rate can almost double up. The entire difference comes from a well-designed user onboarding process right in the initial stages.

Qualities of the Best Onboarding Software

Since we are talking a user onboarding tool, let’s go into the feature that you must look for in it:

  • The onboarding guide should be easily accessible on-demand: You never know when your user may need help. When the user opens your application, an immediate pop-up is usually considered to be an unwelcome thing. Instead, the user guiding tool should be available for the users when they actually need it. The guide should be reusable and should be accessible whenever in need.
  • Customization features: One size may not fit all. For instance, your users in different countries may have different languages. The onboarding software you choose should allow you to choose different guides to work for different types of users. With this software, you should also be able to retarget the users who have already seen or used your guide before.
  • Analytics: You won’t be able to improve a feature if you don’t analyze its response and count on it. For mobile applications, the completion rates of onboarding guides will give you an insight into the effect of your feature and where you still need to improve.

All in all, you can boost your conversion rate with the best user onboarding software, that too without the need to write even a single code line. Using a feature-rich onboarding tool like the one offered by will make your application much more discoverable and reachable.

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