What Material does a 3D Printer Use as a Filament to Print?

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Filament Used:

  1. The filament is a very essential part that is present in the 3d-printer.
  2. It helps in printing and provides perfect color to the object. We always advise our readers to use good quality filament in the 3d-printers.
  3. Also, please take care that you are not touching filament while placing the object inside the printer. Else it will tear-up.

filament use

Here, are different types of filaments with their advantages present below.

  1. Nylon:

The well known 3D printer filament is the most common plastic material. One can manufacture it by linear polyamide. They are popular for their flexibility, with low friction. The nylon material is also used to produce clothes and other fashion accessories.

While using these printers, filaments are also used for making FDM or FFF.


  • Used to produce durable objects.
  • Known for its excellent strength and flexibility
  • Easy to unpack, because of less warpage.
  • It allows the user to paint or dye the printed object easily.
  1. ABS:

The ABS is also one of the popular filaments in the list of what material does a 3D printer use. It is used to produce personal or household items. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a thermoplastic that can easily melt with the heat of the machine and easily gets solid when cooled down. It’s considered as a go-to-material for 3D printing technology.


  • Cheapest and accessible filament for 3D printers.
  • Easy to arrange.
  • It comes in so many colors, so the user can choose their desired color and don’t need to paint after printing the object.
  • The most strong material as per its mechanism.
  • It can be used to produce high-quality prototype objects.


  1. Resin:

The resin material is used as a filament in 3D printers to produce SLA, DLP, Multijet, or CLIP applications for completing any other need one has to choose the required resin-like castable resins, and tough resins.


  • Used for producing various three-dimensional objects.
  • The filament shrinks very low because of high chemical resistance.
  • Rigid and delicate filament for 3D printer.
  1. Polylactic Acid:

The polylactic acid is also known as green plastic and used to produce FDM desktop printing as the filament in 3D printers.it is one of the popular filaments in the term of what material does a 3D printer use.  It is made with sugarcane or corn stacks, which ensure it as safe material to use.


  • Easy to use and unpack because of low wrapping.
  • Safest material for the beginners.
  • Efficient to print on cold surfaces.
  • It comes in different colors.
  1. Gold or Silver:

To produce the jewelry, you will need a powdered form of gold and silver metals. In 3D printing technology, the process named as DMLS or SLM is required to print jewelry with gold and silver medals.


  • These filaments have high electric conductance.
  • Capable of printing various jewelry.
  • The powdered form is heatproof.

gold and seliver

  1. Stainless Steel:

The stainless steel is used as filament in 3D printers to produce miniatures, bolts, keychains, and many more. This material also needs DMLS or SLM technology to produce three-dimensional objects.


  • Stainless steel is well known for its strength because it is treated with heat to improve hardness.
  • High strength applications are manufactured easily.
  • Resistance against corrosion is provided by the filament.
  1. Best Filament – Titanium Filament:

It is the best filament used to produce various materials of exploration, and many other fields. The direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process is required to produce these kinds of objects by using Titanium from the list of what material does a 3D printer use.


  • Used to produce the most complex items with high resolutions.
  • Perfect filament for industrial use.
  • The Roughness of the surface is low.
  • It resists corrosion and is proven as a biocompatible filament.
  1. Ceramics:

The ceramics are one of the newly introduced filaments for 3D printing technology. This material is more durable than other plastic or metal filaments, but it assists less corrosion than others. The ceramics filament is perfect for withstanding extreme heat and pressure. It used to produce binder jetting applications and needed SLA and DLP technologies to work with.


  • The surface of the filament is smooth and glossy.
  • It offers acid, heat, and lye resistance.
  • The material comes in so many colors, so the user does not need to dye or paint the printed object.
  • Most durable filament as compared with others.
  1. PET/PETG:

After nylon, the PET or PETG is one of the filaments that are used widely to print three-dimensional objects. This material is used to produce engineering resin and can combine with glass or fiber to print various objects.


  • The filament is popular for its durability, impact resistance, and recycling ability.
  • The material can be sterilized.
  • The functionality of the filament is similar to ABS and PLA, which ensures that it is very easy to print objects with it.
  1. High Impact Polystyrene:

The HIP filament is used to produce complex plastic designs. The level of easy usage can match with ABS plastics. The FDM process is required to print with HIP filament.


  • Perfect for producing complex structures.
  • Well, it is known for its water-resistant ability and smoothest and lightweight filament.
  • The most inexpensive filament as compared with others.


Hence, one can use any of them as per their need. The cost of the filaments is different. You can go ahead and research. The filament used is also depending upon the type of object you want to print. Hence, check the usage and the type of filament. Also, compare the price of all before purchasing the printer.

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