What Should You Know When Managing a Remote Team?

There are a lot of difficulties that happened with the COVID-19 spreading across the planet. Of course, health was the biggest victim – but one of the biggest hits was also on the workforce. With countless countries advising social distancing, many were forces inside the houses even during workhours. And thus, all project managers need to find alternative ways to approach the workflow.

Luckily, technology offers great opportunities for this – and can be a great tool for managing a remote team! From using alternatives to monday.com to learning how to manage resources and information – today, we take a look at the most important things you need to keep in mind during this time.

Communication is the Key to Managing a Remote Team

Everyone will agree that communication is essential during project management. This holds true and steady when you are working in the office as well as working remotely, from your home. Without proper communication, you cannot work with your team, handle tasks, delegate chores, deal with resources, or accomplish anything.

However, the importance of good communication comes into its true prominence when managing a remote team. During these trying times, it is important to find a way to communicate clearly with everyone. Otherwise, people can be confused about their tasks and resources.

What’s more, it is a perfect way to fight loneliness and isolation. It is important to create an atmosphere of an office meeting. People should be able to weigh in and give feedback – as well as easily understand the tasks in front of them. However, you should also remember to create opportunities for simulated coffee breaks, as well!

Check-in with Your Team on a Regular Basis

Keeping morale high is of utmost importance in these times. When you are managing a remote team, this will be your job, too! So, make sure you create a habit of checking in on people. This should usually be one-on-one, face-to-face with each and every person in the team. 

That’s how they will know that you care about them – and this is very needed these days. Again, technology comes to help with this. You can use one of many tools that offer communication with your team other options that you need – Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts are prevalent, but there are many others! This is also how you can easily get separate feedback and share resources with each teammate, boosting the communication.

Set Your Expectations For Success

One of the most valuable things you can do when managing a remote team is to set up realistic expectations. One of your main goals will be to set up a good plan – and as detailed as you go, the better you will be off in the long run.

So, define what success means for you and for your team. Consider what tasks you will assign and the reasons behind them and share these with your team. This will make sure everyone understands everything that is happening at all times, which will lead to success.

Another thing you should consider sharing is how you will measure them. Make sure your team understands the scope of the project, as well as all deadlines and deliverables for each task and each project. It’s important for everyone to know what they need to do because this will speed up the work and improve efficiency and productivity.

Set up a Good Focus when Managing a Remote Team

Other than the expectations for your team, you need to set them up for yourself as well. It is imperative to know what you can accomplish, and what you cannot do. This is because monitoring every single thing and task that is happening is almost impossible when managing a remote team.

That’s why one of the most important things is to choose your battles with care. Decide what the important aspects of each project are and focus on them. For example, the work hours might not be what you will want to look into. Instead, whether or not your team succeeds in the project is! This also ties into how you measure your success. So, follow what you already set up in order to find the best focus for you and your team.

Remember to Stay Flexible

Flexibility is an important trait to have when managing a remote team. This applies to the business world as a whole – but it is especially in the focus in this time. You need to adjust to the situation, so reconsider what you think productivity is.

Of course, it is important to do the work – but what have you been doing in the office goes out the window. It’s important to trust and rely on your team for a lot of things. Doing so will not only empower them but boost their productivity. They will want to prove that you were right to trust them – so you will get a better team out of this experience!

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