What will be the impact on your pocket if you opt for Flutter app development?

5. How Much does Flutter App Development Cost

We cannot imagine the modern world without mobile apps as apps have become an integral part of our lifestyle. We have mobile apps for all our daily needs right from food to travel to medicines to movie or hotel bookings and many more. Mobile app development is indeed playing a prominent part in making the world fast-paced. Almost everything can be managed through mobile apps as they are rich in features and impeccable in making the life of user easy.

The high performance of mobile apps has made it inevitable for businesses to opt for them or lag behind in the competition. Thus, companies are looking to develop mobile apps that can run on both the leading mobile OS platforms, iOS and Android. In this situation, Flutter app development comes into the picture as it provides precise and fast mobile app development on both the mobile OS platforms with minimal coding.

Flutter App Development

In simple words, Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework that was developed by Google in 2015. The framework has advanced widgets that allow the flutter app developers to build astounding mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The mobile apps build through the Flutter app development process are visually attractive because of the widgets and excel in performance on both iOS and Android mobile OS platforms. Flutter is an app development framework based on Dart, which is a fast and purpose-oriented programming language which is very easy to learn. With such amazing qualities, Flutter is becoming the most favored mobile app development framework of the app developers.

You must be wondering that how much will it cost to your pocket if you opt for Flutter mobile app development process for your business. So without increasing the speculations, let us head straight and find out the cost of Flutter mobile app development.


The design and look of your mobile app will play a vital role in setting you apart from your peers at the app store. The process of designing a mobile app includes UX (user experience design) and UI (user interface design), and the inclusion of both UX/UI creates an app that tops its genre at the app store. The UI/UX development process plays a vital role in deciding the estimated price of the mobile app development process in Flutter. The price depends on features such as interactivity, graphics, and complexity of the design, animations, and many more. For example, if you are making a mobile app for kids, it will require more colorful and interactive graphics. The cost of this mobile app will be more as compared to an app made for the corporate or the working professionals.

Factors such as live images, the total number of display options on the app, app dynamics, and app representation decides the complexity of the app, thus increasing or decreasing the cost of flutter mobile app development in the process.

Integrations and Functionalities

Modern mobile apps are feature-rich and designed according to the genre and the likes of the targeted audience. They aim to provide a one-stop solution to all the needs of the customers.  The possibilities with the mobile app are endless, while the demands of the targeted audience are specific. Therefore the cost of flutter app development will depend on the functionalities and integration done on the mobile app. Mobile apps are developed mainly in three different categories, viz. Gaming Application, ListView application, and dynamic application.

List view version is an elementary optimized version of the website of the company. The features are listed simply in the application menu. Dynamic applications have real-time data access and are based on a server to create a personalized experience for the user. Mobile apps such as Facebook and Instagram are examples of dynamic applications. Gaming applications may range from simple to complex, high-resolution games equipped with 3D graphics, Artificial intelligence, etc.

Moreover, the add-on integration, along with the basic features, make a proper mobile app, and the costing will depend on the level at which you do the integration of the app with the add-ons. The functionalities that can include in the mobile app are Social Integration, Push Messages, AR/VR applications, Payment and SMS gateways, AI chatbot, and many more.


Backend functions are the backbone of the mobile application.

The primary function of the backend is to support the overall operations of the mobile app. Backend controls the vital functions of the mobile app, such as app security, real-time chatbot, data of the app, server functionalities, etc. The estimated cost of the Flutter app development depends on how stable your backend server process is.

The developers can use the data stored at the backend to provide a more personalized experience to the user. In addition to this, the real-time push messages can help provide on-time assistance to the users. All the security codes and the data encryptions are done at the backend, and it will contain all the data backups related to the mobile app. Therefore, the cost of the Flutter app development process will depend a lot on your backend.

 Support and Maintenance

The process of mobile app development is not over after you deploy the mobile app at the app store. According to the customer reactions and feedback, there are a countless number of updates and improvements done on the mobile app regularly. Thus to gauge the cost that is required, the flutter app developers must be familiar with framework-specific updates, mobile OS upgrades, new updates, etc. There is an unwritten rule that the user feedbacks are the ones that decide the success or the failure of the mobile app. You should update the app following the positive/negative remarks received.

The maintenance cost of the mobile app will include backups, server scaling, and system uptime. Moreover, according to user feedback, the update of the mobile app is done on a monthly/yearly basis. The costing of flutter mobile app development will depend on all these factors to develop a long-lasting and table topper mobile app.

Final Words

Flutter app development process is agile, responsive programming language and is very easy to implement. The cost of developing a mobile app through Flutter will depend on various factors like the complexity of the design, targeted audience, maintenance, etc. As Flutter is very responsive, the flutter app developers will not find any difficulties in doing the changes, and the mobile app can be easily optimized. Its vivid widgets make the mobile apps very attractive and thus are better than other hybrid mobile app development frameworks.

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