What You Have To Know About SEO As A Starter In 2020?

Search engine optimization often includes modifications to your site. These changes may bring in incremental changes but once it is combined with other optimizations, these could bring a massive impact on the site’s general user experience as well as its performance in the organic search results.

After the site is created, it is a must to start on the search engine optimization which is intended for enhancing the user experience in general. Among the users of the site are the search engines which aid other users in finding your site.

This means that search engine optimization aids search engines for them to understand and present content in a way that it can easily be seen and accessed by users.

SEO Terms

There are several terms that any beginner in SEO should know.

SEO- is the process of making the site easier to access and more appealing to the users. This may sometimes also be used on the person who does this for a living.

Crawl- is the process of finding new web pages or the newly updated ones. Google and other search engines will be able to find these through following links, reading sitemaps, and all other ways. Google crawls the web to search for new webpages and then it indexes these web pages if possible or appropriate.

Googlebot- is Google’s crawler. Googlebot crawls the web continuously.

Index- The index is where Google stores all the web pages that it has gathered. A site’s index entry describes the location or URL and the content of the page. As a verb index, it means Google fetches a page, reads it, and adds this to the index.

Crawler-is the automated software that crawls the webpages and indexes them.

The SEO (Specialist)

It is a major decision to hire an SEO for the company since it can improve the site’s performance and it also helps you to save time. The following are some of the services that are often offered by SEOs, agents, and other consultants: keyword research; content development; SEO training; expertise in market, particular segments, and specific geographical areas; management of SEO campaigns for business development; and technical advice and guidance on site development.

Now that the new year just started, it is important for you to keep track of the following SEO elements: emerging trends in SEO such as voice search, technological advancements such as machine learning, changes in the algorithm, and the targeted market or audience in terms of how they behave and what they want or like.

Optimize the Site for Mobile Use

Whether it is an SEO HK company or one from the US, it is a must for the site to be mobile friendly. This is crucial since most of the people who search on Google use their mobile devices. A site that is designed only for the computer may have visibility and accessibility problems in mobile devices.

There are different methods to ensure that a site is mobile friendly. You will need to choose between dynamic serving, responsive web design, and separate URLs. You can even check the site using Google’s Mobile-friendly test to ensure that it meets the standards of the company on what a mobile friendly site is.

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