When to Seek Help from a Sports Injury Clinic

There are a lot of dedicated medical facilities and clinics to cater to our various health concerns and it is better to have an idea of the instances when and where to seek help. In Singapore for example, when do we visit a facility like Elevate Physiotherapy, a sports injury clinic, and seek help? 

The most obvious answer is after an injury from playing sports (or sports injuries). Sports injuries also include injuries from non-sport activities as well and can develop over time from just doing our daily activities. Sports injuries result from lack of proper warm-up before any physical activity, poor techniques (e.g. using wrong muscle group, overloading your joints, etc.), overtraining the muscles and joints, and trauma when we get hit during physical activity.

Here are common reasons to visit a sports injury clinic:

  • Ankle sprains and muscle strains
  • Knee and shoulder injuries and fractures
  • Rotator cuff and other forms of tendonitis
  • Stress fractures
  • Concussion and other head injuries
  • Dislocation
  • Back pain

Additionally, you can visit a sports injury clinic for the following reasons:

  • Exercise prescription to increase fitness and recommendation on safe training exercises
  • Safe ergonomic aids or performance enhancers that give a mental or physical edge while exercising or competing 
  • Seek advice to promote a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements

Most sports injury clinics like Elevate Physiotherapycaters to both athletes and not. Elevate Physiotherapy provides a wide variety of treatments to help you recover from your injuries. Expert advice on your sporting goals, etc. can be sought from this sports injury clinic in Singapore. 

Physiotherapy implies the prevention, examination, and medication care of diseases of an individual’s motion on account of sports injury, shocking injury, and illness. Physiotherapy assists individuals to reduce pain, enhance their muscular force, joint range, enhance the immune system, and boost respiratory function. 

Some common parts whereby it’s easily harmed in an exercise.


The human shoulder offers the highest sector of action in people’s bodies, permitting us to spin our arms in multiple directions. wounds to the shoulder area are quite common, particularly during gymnastics activities that require furious movement. Almost all shoulder injuries develop gradually and would induce major disorders if not treated properly.

Back, Spine 

Your back and spine support the human body frame and contains various nerves that receive signs from people’s brain. Harm to people’s spinal area might give rise to acute health consequences and even immobility. It’s very vital to understand the warning signals to elude any long-term health diseases.

Foot & Ankle

Our foot and ankle are linked with muscles that operate to offer force to people’s bodies. Our foot has twenty-eight bones and has 30 joints, with only 3 bones. 


problems to the hand are common. However, some damages, if it’s not managed rapidly, could lead to serious issues. The dominant nerves of our hand (ulnar), where its responsibility to forward signal towards the brain, thence developing motion


Everyone’s knee is a momentous place in your body mandate for weight-bearing. The knee is the biggest joints in your body, consisting of three bones – femur bone, tibia bone, and the kneecap – connected by leg muscles. Some small knee wounds for instance scratches mend on their own however some damages can produce critical health diseases that will lead to poor knee serviceability in the future.

These damages in its beginning stages may surface-soft indications which may decline in long term, it’s good that you visit a physio clinic if you’re injured during a sports game. 

Different type of physical injuries

Physical injuries are very general among youths. Nearly 1.5 million teenagers have wounded in exercise activity annually. 

The most popular physical damages among youngsters are swollen muscles. Body contact games, E.g football, cause more injuries than non-body contact activities, like running.

Different types of physical injuries

engage different damages. The usual sports damages involve:

Inversion sprains. Hurting the ligaments may result in ankle sprains. Articular laura is the tissue that links bones to our leg joint.

Leg muscle strains. Hurting the muscles cause tissue injuries. Chronic tissue injuries are often confused as sprains. 

Knee problems. Any condition that interferes with how a person’s knee joints lifts could be serious damage. 

Bone fracturing. Broken bones are the breaking of joints into two segments in the action of high force impact or certain health condition for an example: pathologic fracture.

Dislocated joints. Sports traumas might abnormally break in bones in one’s body. When that happens, one joint is separated out of its original part. Dislocations may occur often in shoulders and fingers; this can be painful and may cause weakness.

Preventing Physical damages 

The best approach to keep away a physical injury is to do a warm-up. Cold muscles are prone to overstretching. Warm muscles are more flexible. They could engage faster jerks, having less damage.

And also, imply these methods to prevent sports damage:

Use the correct technique

Learn the proper way to proceed throughout your fitness activity. Different brand of activity calls for different positions. Such as, in many exercises, bending our knees at the appropriate time will help prevent an injury to your spine.

Use the proper equipment

Having the right footwear. Ensure you put on correct protection as these might decrease your possibility of wounds.

Sports injury clinic

In your first visit, you receive a comprehensive check for your fitness condition. A medical practitioner can then present an explanation of the cause of damage and duration of recovery. 

Upon getting a factual examination, our expert will schedule a recovery plan which maximizes the medication’s effect. Physical treatment normally is non-invasive, also every Sports Medicine practitioner will constantly anticipate the individual in decision making and establish a caring partnership to treat your fitness. Our expert will also train you on techniques to avoid further damage.

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