Which are the best graphics cards to enhance gaming?

Which are the best graphics cards to enhance gaming?

Stores like Best Buy or Target have integrated graphics on most shelf computers, which means a baseline non-dedicated video processing “card” – in other words, you won’t be gaming much with the stock integrated graphics chip. Upgrading to a dedicated graphics card is one of the best upgrades for your desktop, even if you don’t have it, or just want to upgrade your lazy machine. All cards should list this information, and if not a little digging on the Internet, provide that information. You may need to upgrade your Power Supply (PSU) to power a new graphics card. So be sure to double-check your money before spending it on your card. If you are really interested in graphic cards so then visit here and get the best MSI graphics cards for gaming.

Be careful – if you are upgrading to test and see how much power is needed to power the card.


This is a Vida graphics card, one of the top 2 players in the GPU game. This is a 2GB card, which was considered to be the top of the line a few months ago, but in 2013 we will see a lot more 3GB or even 4GB cards. This does not mean that this card is not an animal – because it is an animal. Directly X11 capable is PCI-E 3.0 16x and above. You’ll be gaming with the best games setting in HD decisions and beyond.

AMD Radeon HD7970

Radian is a competitor to NVIDIA, usually offering a cheaper alternative to the NVIDIA sister card. But that doesn’t mean they are weak. The HD7970 is a very powerful card at a very affordable price – perhaps you can get a great “budget” card for prices/performance. With 2GB of RAM, 925MHz clock speed, PCI Express 3.0, this is a great card. Its size also reflects this – make sure your case fits. It also requires a minimum of 500W PSU.


MSI produces many cards and runs on specific NVIDIA drivers. It has 915MHz clock speed, 2GB RAM, PCI Express 3.0, and a few other bells. MSI makes great cards with great cooling abilities. It features MSI’s twin-freezer IV, which keeps the card normal after cooling to 14 degrees Celsius. Say goodbye to dust making on your card and extend the life of your GPU.

Sapphire Radion HD 6950

This is a great budget card with AMD drivers. 6950 is old, but still a beast. This card includes 800 MHz clock speed (which is a pretty good overview), PC Express 2.0, live X11 support, and 2GB of video RAM. It is really a powerhouse card (less than 200 under) for the price and is easily over lockable and can reach even more expensive cards like the 7950.

There are actually a few valuable elements that make up a good gaming computer and also probably know about the importance of processors. RAM and hard drives and speed matter for using graphic cards and helpful to play more effectively.

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