Which State Should You Visit After The Pandemic Is Over?

Which State should you visit after the Pandemic is over

Will it ever be the same to travel again? The world is soon to see a major transformation in the travel sector post the COVID-19 pandemic, being one of the worst-hit industries globally.

With all-new health protocols in place and instructed individual measures, travel is going to change as a whole. Different countries posing different freedoms and safety procedures, there are so many things that will affect the overall safety of traveling after the crisis is over.

So, do you have plans to travel too? Do not get too saddened already by the thought of long immigration queues or more paperwork. If you are considering international travel to the U.S., remember to check if your country is designated under the Visa Waiver Program.

What Do You Need?

Whenever traveling, it is but obvious that proper documents are a mandate no matter which country you are heading to.

For the ESTA visa, you will need to apply online for checking your eligibility to travel to the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Securities controls the ESTA and has a scrutiny process to check your admissibility upon your arrival.

When you apply for the visa, before ESTA approval, the team checks your application and the provided data. The things you will need to complete the registration process are:

  1. Your full name and complete home address
  2. Active email address and telephone number
  3. Your contact in the U.S. (phone number, name)
  4. Passport or National ID
  5. Employer’s email id and phone number

Basically, these things are necessary to get you through the process. But make sure to carry the original documents along with you to avoid any hindrances. Do not try to register at the moment because registration process is closed due to the ongoing pandemic and you there will be no refund for it.

Places to Visit

We have listed ten of the best places to visit once all of this is over. These are the perfect spots for a traveler to embrace the feeling of freedom after months of isolation.

#1 California

California is known as Golden State with Los Angeles as a treat to your eyes. You can also visit San Diego and San Francisco. It offers beaches and romanticism. The Hollywood Sign also attracts a lot of travelers every year.

#2 Texas

Amalgamation of Mexican and the native culture with cities like Austin. Famous for oil fields, cowboy experience and football.

#3 Nevada

The ‘Sin City’, paradise of casinos and 24*7 amusement. It is a desert city with the beautiful Canyons being a part of it as well as a popular attraction for tourists who love remote location.

#4 Colorado

Famous for its snowcapped mountains and picturesque views this place should be on the bucket list of every traveler. The streams and rivers will mesmerize you.

#5 Alaska

Flying over the snowcapped mountains is a distinct feature in Alaska given it is one of the most used transport systems. The Tundra vegetation can also offer you the Alaskan Bear and an adventure seeker should not miss out on this place. Another natural phenomenon, The Northern Lights is something one would not want to miss out on.

#6 Mississippi

Known as the State of Magnolia with the famous river giving its name. It is a delight for any history buff, having the Civil Rights Museum. It is also famous for its Country Music with the name being mentioned in numerous songs.

#7 Wyoming

The first National Monument of The United States, the Devil’s tower is established here. The Buffalo Jerky and Chicken Fried Steak are some of the mouthwatering delicacies of Wyoming.

#8 Minnesota

The mid-northern State famous for its Monarch Butterfly. The highest mountain in the State being the Eagle Mountain and it has ten thousand lakes all over the State. So if you are interested to visit a place with lakes and mountains.

#9 Oregon

Renowned for its Crater Lake, Columbia Lake and Cannon Beach, there is a lot to do here – and a great summer to spend. If you are a foodie, then Oregon is known for its Lobster, Portland wine and Crabs.

#10 Arizona

While known for the Grand Canyon and the desert, Arizona is so much more than just the two. From the largest Phoenix city to the smallest Tucson, Arizona is just the place to be.

We have suggested places where you can maintain social distance, keeping in mind the U.S. Coronavirus Cases by States because no one really knows about the relapse time of the virus. Carry sanitizers, gloves, and mask for a safe trip. Avoid large gatherings if there are any announcements to that effect and stay hygienic and healthy.

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