Why is Automated Browser Testing Important? With Top 3 Automated Browser Testing Frameworks

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Do you have a mobile, web, audio, or video app that caters to end-users? Then, it’s feasible; you might be selling consumer products through your web app or website. Since there are many browsers in the market that your potential customers might use to navigate your website, it is necessary to ensure they get the highest quality of user experience while using it. If they come across poor UI (User Interface) or UX (User Experience) on your web app, they might abandon it immediately and turn to your competitors. This incident could result in lost business opportunities and thus a massive financial loss. What else is possible is that your rivals might outperform you soon. So, the question is how to deal with UI/UX issues in your web app or website, if any? It will help if you remotely test your app on thousands of devices across the globe using automated browser testing frameworks. 


Now it’s more likely your next question would be what automated browser testing frameworks are, right? So, let’s see about that:


What is an automated browser testing framework?


You can understand testing frameworks as a set of rules that software professionals use to create and execute test cases. Please note that choosing a suitable programming language is imperative to develop the software application you want. Not just that, when it comes to automated testing, the selection of the most appropriate test framework is equally important. 


So, make sure that the test framework you choose for examining your website or web application remains based on the skills of your team members. You can evaluate each framework option based on different parameters such as scalability, script quality, ease of use, and effectiveness to execute the entire test cases. 


Selenium is one of the most popular automated browser testing frameworks in the market that has multi-browser support. It is the main reason the leading web app testing companies use this tool to perform browser compatibility tests for your web app or website on major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Do you know what other benefits of this tool are? It is an open-source framework that eases testing through several languages and test frameworks. 


Why is automated browser testing vitally important?


Cross-browser testing is crucial for websites and web apps because it ensures they deliver the best possible experience to the end-user. However, cross-browser testing is not child’s play, and there are multiple challenges associated with it. 


For instance, if you consider establishing a local infrastructure to perform the tests, the budgetary concerns will prevent you from investing in different combinations of browsers, devices, and operating systems. Even if you arrange the funds somehow for the setup, the scalability will emerge as an issue down the line if your requirements grow. It is the main reason you should rely on automated browser testing because it effortlessly resolves the problem mentioned above. 


The reputed web application testing firms use automation tools to carry out cross-browser testing tasks in this testing method. It ensures efficiency, scalability, and reusability for the accelerated product testing.


What are some primary advantages of automated browser testing?


1. It can execute tests across scores of browsers, devices, and operating systems


2. It offers faster test processing because of parallel test execution support 


3. It is economical and scalable when it comes to executing tests repeatedly


4. It adapts to the dynamic test requirements smoothly 


5. It is easy to implement 


6. It is a faster go-to-market 


7. It provides better coverage for tests 


What tests should you automate?


A key thing you need to understand here is that the test cases which gets rarely executed are ideal for manual testing. And, the test cases that run, including a considerable amount of data, are appropriate for automated testing. For example, you can automate a few tests like smoke tests, regression tests, and many more.


What are some situations where you should run automated tests?


1. Tests that are likely to involve human error


2. Tests that needs repetitive execution


3. Tests that are long and often time-consuming 


4. Tests that include a colossal data set 


5. Tests that comprises several hardware and software configurations


6. Frequently used functions with a high level of risk 


What are some of the excellent test automation frameworks?


Please note that you can use the below test frameworks with Java for browser compatibility testing: 


1. Selenium 


It is a highly used test framework for automated cross-browser testing that you can use to automate functional tests and perform frequent testing. 


Do you know what the best part of Selenium is? The Selenium Web Driver powers some powerful test frameworks, including Selenide. 


2. JUnit 


JUnit is the second most popular test automation framework on this list to run repeatable test cases. What’s quite an exciting thing to know about this tool is that you can integrate it with Selenium WebDriver if you want to leverage Selenium Automation Testing for cross-browser automated tests. However, one drawback of this tool is that it lacks support for executing dependency tests. 


3. TestNG


TestNG is also a JUnit product, a next-generation open-source test framework for programming languages like Java. TestNG can outperform JUnit effortlessly in terms of parameterization, group, and sequencing of the test scenarios. A heavy advantage of TestNG is that its test reporting is pretty powerful when identifying the potential issues with the source code. 


Final thoughts 


We hope you learned plenty of things in this write-up, such as the definition of the automatic browser testing framework, why it is essential, its advantages, use cases, and a few automated testing tools. So, if you are looking for an experienced partner to test your web app or website’s experience, contact a cutting-edge web application testing company in the US right now. 

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