Why restaurants should upgrade to a cloud POS today?


A restaurant POS system (POS) software is not just a cash register for the maintenance of bills and receipts. It is at the heart of a holistic restaurant management strategy. The modern Point Of Sale system integrates with key functions such as Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Loyalty Programs and much more. Cloud POS is streets ahead of its legacy counterpart. With cloud POS systems, there is more automation, more efficiency, and quicker operations.

Traditional POS systems and the shift

How restaurant management took place years back was very different from what it is now. Bulky POS/billing machines were used to punch in orders. Data that was punched in got stored on local servers. Their function was pretty limited to just order punching and printing. With high fixed costs, these systems came with a big risk of data loss and security issues. With the changing restaurant trends and fast pace, these legacy systems were continuously proving to be less efficient due to the large number of manual interventions involved.

Cut to the present, cloud POS systems have largely simplified restaurant management and operations.

In the next section, we would take you through the key benefits of a Cloud POS system and how it has revolutionized the way restaurants go about their day to day operations.

Why should you be having a cloud POS system in your restaurant

There are a lot of benefits of using a cloud-based restaurant Point of Sales system. Here are 9 reasons why you should be using a cloud POS.

1. Highly secure

Data storage and security were the main concerns of the traditional POS system. One of the biggest issues in traditional POS systems was that data got stored on local servers that weren’t reliable. In modern-day cloud POS systems, all data is stored on remote servers, making it safer than ever before. You would not have to worry about losing data in case of a system break-down as data can now be easily backed-up. You can check for Five Star Restaurants in Vegan Miami Beach.

2. Real-time software updates

A cloud POS system updates frequently, constant updates keep the device always new. There won’t be any need to manually update your systems time and again. You would also be doing away with upgrade costs. Legacy POS systems got obsolete quickly with no concept of software updates of course.

3. Data accessibility

With the help of cloud POS, you can have access to your restaurant’s data from anywhere. A cloud POS system does not require you to be physically present at the restaurant. An active internet is all that you need. Restaurant orders, staff shifts, cash management, inventory tracking, etc., can be managed even from the remotest of locations. This comes in very handy when you are traveling and wish to remain updated on what happens at your restaurant.

4. Works offline too

Cloud POS systems allow you the flexibility of working offline as well. A poor or no internet connection would then never disrupt your functioning. The data is synchronized automatically once you are re-connected to the internet.

5. Cost-effective

One major upside from a cost perspective is that cloud POS systems do not have heavy up-front costs. The maintenance costs are also very low as compared to legacy systems. On the other hand, cloud-based Point of Sale systems come with an easy to finance monthly subscription fee. Check for Buffet near me.

6. A single platform with all the features that you need

All restaurant operations become largely simplified with the use of the modern cloud-based POS systems. They come integrated with critical features like online ordering, table reservation, CRM solutions, Loyalty Programs and more. This helps in acquiring new customers and retaining the old ones.

7. Accurate reports and analytics

A cloud POS system gives you visibility on your restaurant’s performance that includes sales, accounts, inventory, employee performance. A POS integrated with an Analytics system would be providing you simplified reports. Having an insight into these operations will let you identify where you are going wrong and how to improve.

8. Mobility

With a mobile cloud POS system, your servers can take orders directly at the tables and the kitchen staff is automatically notified of all the incoming orders. This makes the customer service way faster. Unlike traditional systems, these devices are easy to carry around and extremely straightforward to use.

9. Easy customization

Cloud POS systems can be easily customized according to the kind of establishment you run. Whether you are a fine dine or a bar, you can customize your POS system according to the needs and priorities of your restaurant. There’s a lot of potential growth in your restaurant’s productivity and sales once you are well-equipped with a cloud POS system.

Cloud POS as a way of increasing productivity

A modern-day restaurant has to deal with a ton of orders every day, both online and otherwise. This makes it absolutely necessary for restaurants to be using takeaway online ordering system or a cloud-based POS systems that automate the majority of operations, giving you time to focus more on every customer. Servers can now directly punch in orders on their handheld POS systems at the tables and it reaches the Kitchen Display Screens immediately. The flow of orders is extremely systematic and the food is prepared at a quicker rate. This enhances your overall operations and the customer experience.

Choosing a POS software for your restaurant is a very crucial step. Therefore it is imperative that you do a thorough research while choosing a POS system that works best for you.

Aditya Sarkar
Aditya is a Marketing Manager at LimeTray. He enjoys reading up on new technologies, especially those in the food-tech space.

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