Why Should You Use React js Development for Website Creation?


Developing interactive user interfaces is a challenging and tricky task. It takes a lot of effort, complete dedication, and proper engagement in creating each website component. However, with the advancement of React JS development, website creation is much simpler for web developers. React JS is nothing but a JavaScript library.

Maintained by Facebook, React JS has become famous as big names like PayPal, Netflix, Tesla Motors, AirBNB, IMDb, Walmart, DropBox, and other firms and websites are using this. They love to use it as React JS is a declarative, efficient, open-source, and flexible JS library that helps build fast and scalable websites and web applications.

Why should you utilize React JS for website creation?

With the advancement of different JavaScript frameworks, you can get overwhelmed with what to select for your website’s development. But as you learn, top companies are using this for their websites and web apps. Therefore, you might be wondering why you should select React JS development for website creation? Fair enough. To know the reasons behind using React JS, you should read the below points. So, let us start reading without further delay.


React is a flexible JavaScript library. You can use it on different platforms to develop quality user interfaces. As you know, React is not a framework but a library. Due to this, it is lightweight, and you will get the freedom of choosing multiple tools here. You can create a static website with React by utilizing tools like Gatsby. On the other hand, you can build mobile applications with the assistance of React Native. You can develop Desktop applications from tools like Electron for macOS and Windows OS. Apart from these, there is also a reason why developers love to use React JS technology.

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A profound web development company in Bangalore suggests that React supports server rendering of its core components, and the developers also expand a virtual website using React VR. On top of all, they can change a small part of any existing website or web application using this JS library. If the change works adequately, the developers can convert the entire site or apps into React JS. Thus, you will not get such flexibility of usage in other libraries. That is why more and more people are using React for their web creation.


When you use React JS development for website or web apps development, you can deploy it with no difficulty with some basic JavaScript knowledge. Besides, if you do not have JS understanding, you can adapt to using React within a few days. Hence, it is another primary reason behind its popularity.

Fast and easy to use

It is one of the significant benefits of using React JS development for website creation. This JS library can build respective components that make up the enormous UI and then develop more complicated UI functions through simple HTML and JS components. Besides, React uses the Virtual DOM feature to assist websites and web apps for loading faster. It also enables dynamic website and app elements to change without reloading the web pages. Due to this speed and agility, React JS code is beneficial when building front-end web apps, as users always prefer quick-loading apps and web pages.

Simple to test

Front-end React developers always prefer to use React JS, as it is easier to test. React is user-friendly for testing. Unlike contemporary browser testing, you can set it up without much hassle, and you also do not require a high-quality configuration for testing in this JS library. As React uses the node command-line testing feature, you will get a fast testing result, and you can also run a significant amount of test suites at a time. You can write React tests with ease by using React tools like Enzyme or Jest. So, it is another reason you should use it for your website’s creation.

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Reusable components

It is one of the prominent reasons the top website development companies use React JS. A benefit of using React JS library is its ability to reuse components. Since website developers can reuse its core components in web development, they can save time from writing codes for the same features. If any transformations are made in a specific section, it will not affect other website or applications sections.

Custom components

The incorporation of React for backend developers changes the scenario of writing syntaxes. As React comes with JSX, developers can write custom codes and convert HTML mockups into ReactElement trees with ease.

SEO compatible

SEO compatibility is a reason developers love to use React JS for frontend website development. Unlike other libraries or frameworks, React significantly reduces the loading time and assists businesses in getting the top ranking on every search engine. That is why it is another reason why you should start using it for website creation.

Final Thoughts

So, these reasons are enough to determine why you should use React JS development for your website or application development. You will not get such benefits in other libraries. So, start using it and reap advantages.

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