Why the Best-Of-Breed-Tech Means Smarter Business Processes?


The best-of-breed tech may sound like a fancy buzzword, but it can actually be a worthwhile strategy for your business. This elaborate catchphrase is really just a way of describing the use of multiple niche tech products, rather than a generic one.

If you are looking for a new solution or are ready to overhaul an existing system, the best-of-breed tech will give you more options. No matter what area you need to address, your business processes could be made smarter.

How Does It All Work?

It might be tempting to choose a company that can offer you a whole smorgasbord of tech services. However, it can be difficult to excel at absolutely everything, and this one-size-fits-all approach could be letting down your business. When you pick and choose which products you want based on their unique features, you could end up with stronger, more efficient processes.

For example, you could subscribe to an accounting program that only deals with numbers. This could be complemented by data storage software and an analytics package. While some services may offer ALL of these in one, they might not be as powerful as their individual counterparts.

What Areas Can Be Targeted?

Researching the best-of-breed tech can be a strategy used for any of your tech products. Call center software is a great example of this, as it is one area that really should be in focus.

Your customers are key to the success of your business, and the way inbound and outbound calls, SMS, social media and e-mails are handled could have a direct impact.

If there are other areas that have been flagged for improvements such as workflow management, security and content delivery, they may also benefit from a highly targeted solution.

Consider This Before Committing

The best tech products for your workplace may not necessarily be the most expensive. While having multiple applications may cost more to implement in the short term, if the right packages are selected it will be worth the investment. Alternatively, when you choose a “jack of all trades” company, you could be paying for features you don’t need.

Cloud-based software is becoming preferred for many businesses as it gives staff the option of working remotely. Programs can be accessed from anywhere, from any device. Consider whether cloud capabilities are an essential feature and if this comes included.

When to Be Cautious

If you commit to a range of best-of-breed-tech solutions from multiple brands, ensure they are updated regularly. Do they offer customer service? Do they regularly patch and update their products to reflect the ever-evolving technological landscape? The security of your staff, customers and business should be a priority and how data is handled should be clear.

Another important consideration is whether each piece of technology can work with another. Each solution needs to be compatible, to give a seamless, streamlined result. Tech should make day-to-day business more efficient, but when there are clashes it will only lead to frustration.

The Last Word

By using a best-of-breed-tech strategy, you can fill any tech need in your company, with the most advanced software available. By choosing a range of different products you will be getting a customized package that is designed with your specific business in mind.

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