Why the Old Fashioned Wrist Watch Makes a Better Christmas Gift than Smart Devices?


When it comes to Christmas gift buying, it’s quite often a choice between technology and tradition. Do you fork out and go for the latest model of smartwatch, or the newest, most app-savvy phone? Or do you take another route and go for good old fashioned, traditional gifts?

Naturally, this depends on who you are buying for and what sort of things they like – and there’s no doubt that some people love a tech gadget (especially a new one) – but it’s also true that sometimes, there is just more value and meaning in the old and the timeless.

Take the trusty wristwatch, for example. It’s easy to picture a simple catalog watch with a plastic strap and low-end design, somewhere around the £30 mark. But watches are like cars in the sense that they vary tremendously in value and luxury – you can buy someone a very, very special gift if you get a high-quality watch.

Watches as Christmas gifts – tech vs tradition

Modern marketing and society in general love to edge us towards buying the newest, flashiest designs. But again, the debate between technology and tradition lives on. On the one hand, a fancy smartwatch such as the Galaxy Watch Active2 has everything from Bluetooth and fitness apps to the ability to make and receive calls. It’s a complex yet ever so simple design and quite a personal gift in many respects. On the other hand, it’s essentially a high priced tech gadget that will soon be swept away by the tide of new designs. By next Christmas, it will be old news and the hundreds of pounds you spent will be long gone.

If you do a little research and go for a beautifully designed wristwatch, your gift already carries more meaning with love with it.

Traditional wristwatches – what are they exactly?

Let’s look at what a “traditional” watch actually is. Unlike tech devices, this type of watch will use a quartz movement or a mechanical movement to keep the time. Little wheels and precisely calibrated crystals work their magic in the old school, timeless fashion.

A complex and impressive value that you just won’t get in any Smartwatch, no matter how hard you look!

Benefits of the traditional wristwatch for Christmas

Timeless, old school and from the heart. There are lots of benefits to going for the old wristwatch as a Christmas gift. Whether you’re buying for male or female, young or old, you can shop around personal tastes and come up with something they’ll love. Other benefits include:

  • Much longer battery life
  • Huge variety to choose from
  • The price range can be anything you choose
  • Luxury watches can make an extra special gift
  • You can get them engraved and personalized
  • They won’t go out of fashion by next Christmas

Get a sturdy watch case to protect your purchase!

Once you’ve picked out the perfect watch for the perfect Christmas gift, you’ll want to protect it with your life. If not your life, then a sturdy and high-quality watch case. Check out these all-round and affordable watch cases by The Case Farm in the UK – for a quick and easy win. More time for watch shopping, then!

Shopping guidance on wristwatches here.

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