Why Video Security Systems Help These Customer Service Industries Thrive

Video Security Systems

Do you know about the old saying, “the customer is always right?” It’s most often used to embody the spirit of customer service, but some consumers have taken this idea a little too far. Many customers are taking advantage of companies’ floor staff when it comes to getting discounted — or even free — merchandise.

In the customer service industry, many scammers are looking for easy ways to get rich quick. Embroiling themselves in a personal injury legal battle with your company has become a popular way for uncouth consumers to turn a profit. If you’re one of the many small businesses hoping to secure your company and its employees, video security systems have become a popular option among many different industries.

When you’re ready to protect your business, here are some of the top customer service jobs that can benefit from these security systems.

Video Security Systems

Retail stores

Clothing stores and other retailers have always been a target for petty thefts. This is primarily because the items they sell are often easy to steal. A crook with layered clothing can easily slip small accessories into a pocket or bag right under staff’s noses.

It’s good business practice to deter theft with good customer service and plenty of attention. After all, you don’t want to put your employees in danger if they try to restrain a thief from escaping. Even with good customer service, however, thieves and criminals are still able to slip under the radar and commit crimes when your employees are busy helping other customers.

In most cases, a video security camera is the best way to keep track of petty criminals in a retail store. Instead of putting employees in danger, a security camera is essential in identifying thieves, so authorities have admissible evidence when they’re caught. After getting away with theft, thieves often target the same store more than once. With this false sense of security, it’s even easier for retailers to stop a criminal in their tracks.

Installing obvious security cameras can even stop thefts from occurring in the first place. Criminals prefer easy targets and they’ll certainly think twice before robbing a store with plenty of cameras in place.

Restaurants and cafes

With quality video security cameras, you never need to worry about your customers skipping their paycheck. Just like obvious cameras can deter the theft of goods, video cameras in restaurants will make dine-and-dash consumers hesitate to rob your cafe. Because diners stay at their table for an extended period of time, your security system will assuredly catch them in the act for later repercussions.

Unfortunately, restaurants are also prone to employee theft. In fact, the U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that up to 75% of employees have stolen from a job at one point or another. Simply confronting these wiley thieves, however, often risk ending up in a he-said-she-said argument and potentially causing a lawsuit to erupt.

The only surefire way to catch a thieving employee in the act is by recording them on your video security systems. That way, you have physical proof of the crime and can take the necessary legal action against them.

Hotels and lodging

Even though most of the customers who use hotels are normal travelers, some people use them for criminal behavior. Illegal activities that happen in your hotel might ruin your reputation or even hold you liable for legal consequences.

Hotel parking lots can also be scary places for traveling customers. Installing security cameras increases parking lot safety for your guests and identifies criminals who would take advantage of short-term stays for uncouth reasons. Installing obvious cameras at each point of entry and in less lit areas to identify license plates and criminally related activity on your premises.

Though the retail and customer service industries are ripe with crime, video security systems help businesses stay afloat. Whether catching criminals in the act or preventing crimes from happening in the first place, they’ll protect your business.

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