Why You Need Access Control


For thousands of years, security has been at the heart of human society. Doors, gates, guards – all to prevent unauthorized access to a location. With the invention of computer networks, security is now automated. Software-based access control systems help millions of companies manage authorization to different locations through the use of access card readers, user credentials, and biometric authentication. 

For clarity, a system that controls access to physical buildings, rooms, and location is strictly referred to as a physical access control system. On the other hand, a logical access control system limits access to computer networks, system files, and data. 

Here are the top seven reasons why you need an access control system:

Improved Security

Access control systems ensure that unauthorized users do not gain access to specified locations. For instance, you may want to limit access to proprietary areas like data centers. An access control system allows you to create a well-structured and safe environment for your employees. It’s even better to integrate access control with other security measures like video surveillance. This helps provide more layered security for your organization. 

Enhanced security invariably reduces theft and vandalism from both unfaithful employees and external fraudsters. According to the Association of Fraud Examiners, about 5 percent of the annual revenue in businesses is lost to internal theft alone! With an access control system, you get to limit access to rooms with classified or proprietary information.

Even in scenarios where there is a theft, an access control system enables you to know who was at a particular location at a particular point in time. Whenever someone accesses a building or room with their cards or biometrics, the system automatically logs in their entry. With this functionality, people are less inclined to partake in fraudulent activities because they know that it can be traced.

Another security benefit of access control systems is the ability to create customized schedules. This means you can specify what period a person has access to a room. For instance, you can define a period in which you want the cleaning crew to have access to your building, just as you can define a generic access period from say 9 am to 5 pm. Access control systems afford you that flexibility.

How cool is it to allow someone access to a location on your behalf? With an access control system, irrespective of where you are on the planet, you can easily give access to someone remotely. Furthermore, you can track who’s coming in and going out of any location, building, or room.

Better than Keys

Keys were once the predominant means of security for organizations. However, keys come with a myriad of problems. 

  1. You may forget the keys.
  2. You have to memorize different keys for different locations, making it difficult to manage.
  3. There’s always the risk of the keys falling into wrong hands.
  4. Keys do not keep an authorization log, making it difficult to track previous entries.

Access control systems, on the other hand, make use of cards, fobs, smartphones, fingerprints, and other means that makes it very easy to keep intruders out without incurring the challenges associated with keys.

Energy Savings

With access control, you know when people are supposed to be in a location and when people are currently there. You can integrate this information with your building management system to know when the lighting should be turned off or when the HVAC system should be off. This added level of intelligence helps you to make management decisions that will reduce energy consumption.


Access control systems offer a plethora of benefits to your organization. However, it’s key that you work with a tried and trusted security firm to implement this system. Nedap Security has been providing access control to clients around the world for over four decades. Our proprietary software platform, AEOS, is robust, providing multiple dimensions of flexibility. It also takes a holistic approach to easily manage authorization throughout an organization, while integrating with other systems. It is the perfect solution for your access control needs!

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