Why you should not charge your mobile in the car using USB, and how to do it correctly?

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If you are the type of user who uses the car and the phone a lot and takes advantage of any journey to charge the mobile, you should stop doing it. And it is not good to charge the mobile in the USB of the car. What’s more, it could even be negative for the phone.

The reason why the mobile should not be charged in the car USB is simple. Although we think that any USB can charge our phone, we must bear in mind that the USB of the vehicle is not designed for it.

In fact, the most common that manufacturers mount are USB 1.0 and USB 2.0, standards that do not give a current of the intensity that mobile phones require. And, these ports are designed to connect a pen drive and play music, for example, since they do not need so much power.

Although battery technology does not evolve in the same way as that of other elements of the mobile, such as cameras or processors, for example, there have been steps forward that leave USB 1.0 and USB 2.0, the most used in the world. Currently, most manufacturers include a 2-amp charger, being the minimum necessary to optimally charge the battery in the most modern mobiles. In addition, today, we can use a VOLTA charger. Why? VOLTA Charger works with all your USB devices and gives you a 360-degree connection for charging. No need to switch to other chargers when you want to charge other USB devices.

Yes, in the iPhone it is different, since as we saw in our comparison, the charger that Apple includes with each of the phones from the iPhone 4 is very slow, 5W and 1A. If we charge the mobile phone in the car’s USB, we have precisely that, a very, very slow charge that is not enough to ” revive ” our mobile in a half-hour journey, which can be normal from home to work , or vice versa.

This is why, when charging some mobiles in the car, we see how they charge slowly or, directly, do not charge, emptying the battery icon even if they are connected to the USB. Of course, there are already manufacturers that choose to include specific ports for mobiles that supply more than 1.5A. Now, how should I charge the mobile battery in the car?

How to charge the mobile in the car

We have already seen that it is not good to charge the mobile in the car using a normal USB port, but that does not mean that we cannot charge the mobile in the car. And the best thing would be to use the port for the lighter. Buying a mobile charger that connects to the cigarette lighter is a great idea, since there we will get enough power (up to 12W) to charge the device.

In fact, there are manufacturers like that have their own mobile car charger. So, if you didn’t know why the cell phone wasn’t charging in the car, you already know the solution.

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