Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Video Sharing Sites to Host Your Videos


YouTube, and other appropriate free video sharing sites, are hands down one of the most important and economical strategies in your marketing. However, there are some good arguments against using YouTube, or other free sites like Vimeo, Snaptube, Vidder, etc., as your primary video hosting site.

The first thing to consider is their logo is displayed on the video, which hurts your branding efforts. You’re technically promoting the other sites AND your business at the same time. It sends a confusing branding message – even if your logo is on your video. Granted, the logo may disappear as the video plays but if you get the cursor near it, it usually pops up again. It also is prominently displayed on the screen image when the video is not playing. But that is only one item of concern.

Secondly, embedding a video from there not only promotes YouTube or other free site, it makes yours look less professional. Sure, you’re getting free hosting and bandwidth, but that may be subtly tarnishing your image, and that could potentially lead to fewer sales and less clients

If you don’t take your business seriously enough to invest in hosting your own videos, how seriously do you think your customers or clients will take you or what you’re selling? They may feel you don’t deliver quality products and be hesitant to buy from you.

Since there are many affordable and easy options for converting and hosting your own videos on your site, using free video sharing sites such as YouTube to host your videos isn’t a good investment in your business.

Again posting to these sites is a great marketing tool…just don’t rely on them to be your primary host. Host the videos that show on your site on your own server, and then let your YouTube video lead viewers to you.

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