Why Your Business Need Virtual Phone Number In 2020?

It’s 2020 and with the onset of New Year, some new trends and fashions are going to make their way. At the business front also, we are likely to witness various changes. To ensure that you stay relevant to the changed time, you must get hold of tools that are relevant in 2020 and beyond.

The virtual phone system by GBPN is one such tool. Without asking much from you on maintenance and update aspects, this one resource is going to make sense in 2020 by all means. The best part is that it’s flexible enough to change with the changed time. So, if you are wondering whether you should get it 2020 or not, here are our experts’ take.

Customers are going to be more demanding in 2020

With each passing year, customers are becoming extra aware and want to make most of their investments. Gone those days when customers were happy with some free goodies and a marginal discount. Now, they want a business to be at their service around the clock. They want relevant information without any delays, expect the customer care to answer their calls as soon as possible, and don’t want to stay hooked with the phone to get connected with you.

All of these demands can be addressed perfectly using a virtual phone number as it comes with great capabilities.  It supports unified communication. That means, your customers can connect with you using any of the communication means including instant messaging, voicemail, live chat, and web conferencing.

Going forward, with features like call forwarding, call transferring, auto call attendant, IVR and many more, it allows you to attend your customers’ calls without any delays. Seeing all of it, we can clearly conclude that only VoIP telephony has all the powers to handle the futuristic customers most perfectly.

Data-driven information is leading the way

Remember one thing – In 2020 and beyond, data-driven decisions and information will define success for you. When your operations are aligned based on the current market, customer satisfaction, and data analysis, you can expect high ROI and better output.

With a virtual phone system’s ability to capture relevant information easily and automatically, VoIP empowers all your operations with reliable and relevant data. Without making any compromise on the quality, it integrates data directly into your operations and store/manages most comprehensively.

It’s your best partner in your journey towards a global destination

So, you have established a business in the local vicinity and tasted success as well. What’s next? Going global should be your motto in 2020 as global exposure is much needed in this cut-throat world. However, doing so is a costly affair.

Global expansion demands high upfront investments, but this is not the case with VoIP. If you are using it on a cloud-based virtual phone system for international business. So, why not use cloud telephony enabled system with multiple virtual phone numbers? Among the benefits of cloud phone service for businesses is the ability to track key data points from calls and identify trends.

Cloud telephony comes with pre-installation of all the essential telephony component deployment on the cloud. End-users can gain one-click access to them by availing monthly subscriptions.  Your employees can log in using any data pack and data-driven devices. As soon as they log in, they gain access to a meticulously designed call center system where calls are managed very systematically. They can start working from the comfort of their living room.

Such type of flexibility is much needed in today’s world where businesses are trying to explore global opportunities.

Your team is no longer interested in menial work

It’s 2020 and automation is leading the way.  We are living in a world where you can make a call without touching a phone and answer a doorbell without getting up. In this situation, your team is no longer interested to stay busy in manual data entry to record updating work. They want automation here as well.

The automation capabilities of VoIP are commendable. It automatically receives a call, transfers it to the right department, records the messages, updates the customer feedback/remark/comment/information, records the voicemails, and transcript directly into your inbox.

Not only this, but an advanced type of VoIP phone system also allows the end-user to capture the sales history, customer reviews, and feedback using multiple integrations and update the respective information. When such automation is at your service, you are likely to be more productive.


The needs and demands of a growing business change continuously. Hence, you must pick resources that stay relevant in this ever-changing world. No doubt VoIP is one such resource. Whether it’s 2020 or 2025, it’s capable enough to meet all your requirements.

If you have it by your side then you can easily move forward and stay ahead of time. However, all of this will only happen if you have purchased it from a trusted service provider that looks into the implementation, update, and maintenance diligently.