Wi-Fi Smoke Detectors: What They Are and How They Work


WiFi Smoke detectors are working since older times. It helps mankind even when the power or internet is out. Even if the smart smoke detector is hard-wired into your electrical system, the battery backup system will help and take over during a power outage.

Smart smoke detectors are devices that operate much like a typical smoke detector alarming people when smoke or fire is detected and gives as much warning as possible to leave safely when the building accidentally catches fire.

What Are Smart Smoke Detectors?

If there is any smart device for your home worth investing in, it is a smart smoke detector or Wi-Fi Smoke detector. There are two types of sensors that are being used in any traditional or smart smoke detectors. These are ionized and photoelectric sensors.

Smart smoke detectors are provided with self-testing features to monitor battery power and sensor to work and send a notification to your phone if there is an incident happening.

The majority of the models of Wi-Fi smoke detectors detect carbon monoxide in their feature as well.

If given smart smoke detectors integrate with the home automation system, the connected home can use the potential of the smart smoke detectors in addition to sensors from other devices that send you a notification to alert in response to any detection of heat and light.

How Smart Smoke Detectors Work

You can conveniently understand the working of smart smoke detectors taking them as Wi-Fi smoke detectors. When an alarm is initiated, the smart smoke detectors use Wi-Fi or any related technology to connect to your smart home hub and an app on your phone.

In case, a person somehow burned something minor in the kitchen and it’s a false alarm, you can simply stop this false alarm using your phone app.

Moreover, if you have more than one Wi-Fi smoke detectors sync together, all of them will sound alarmed together even if just one gets triggered. Now, the notification which is received on your smartphone or communication from your smart home hub can help you find which alarm has been triggered to help you find the trouble.

In case, you are far away from home and receive a notification that is concerning, you can notify or ask for emergency services quickly and potentially avoid serious property damage.

Smart Smoke Detector Power and Connectivity Concerns

In times of internet outage, many Wi-Fi smoke detector models can make use of Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone or with your smart home system when an alarm is triggered. However, for a Bluetooth connection, you must be home when the alarm is triggered.

As long as your smart home hub or system has a cellular connection, it can make use of the standard cellular signal to send notifications to you and emergency services in case of any mishap like fire.

Unfortunately, not all smart home automation systems come with a cellular connectivity feature and some options may need an additional device and possibly a monthly fee for this cellular connection.

A smart smoke detector can save you energy or even battery life for hard-wired fire alarms. Combination ionization, photoelectric, and burst smoke alarms are easier than ever before to find. Ionization and photoelectric technology have continued to increase in recent years and have even advanced to the point that it has the ability to sense carbon monoxide. Smart alarms are able to talk with each other as well, so when an alarm is activated, you will know exactly where the fire has originated.

With the new smart smoke detectors, you no longer have to worry about false alarms waking you up when there are in fact live fires burning. These new units alert you when a sensor has “zoned out”, which means there is no real threat of a fire.

Other smart features on these detectors include carbon monoxide detection, which is included as standard with most manufacturers, a delay that tells you when the sensor is activated so that you don’t have to run out of your home when you need to use the bathroom, a high decibel alert, a remote keypad that is capable of many different functions, and a very bright LED display that offers crystal clear accuracy. This is truly a top-rated home security system that will protect your home and ensure the safety of your family and loved ones. Your local home improvement store should be able to help you determine the best unit for your needs.

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