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Working from home might have sounded like an ideal situation, more so to the people who have not done it before. What can be better than just rolling out of bed and arriving at your home office in a matter of minutes, without any of the hassles of commuting, making yourself presentable, and interacting with colleagues or boss that might drive you crazy?

However, if we look at it realistically, remote work also comes with a lot of pros and cons, just like office work. Following are some of the pros and cons and the challenges that arise due to a work from home lifestyle.


Time-Management – No Separation Between Leisure Time and Work:

Many who work from home lament that they find themselves working all the time due to this situation, due to their labor having no definitive end or start times. Due to this, many people are feeling like they are always at work, making it quite tricky for shifting into the post-work relaxation mode. Time management has become an issue, and getting things done the right way has been an underlying problem of the work from home setup.

This absence of an apparent division between the realms of professionalism and personal time is an excellent reason for the remote workers to get distracted by the housework.

Easy to Misread the Cues due to Electronic Communications:

This has been a common problem during this work from home situation, getting the tone right. Misinterpretation of the tone has been a difficulty in the digital communication systems like email, text, social media, and chat. Just like during relationships, it is quite easy for the misconstruction of the tone of someone’s messages. We rely on facial expressions and body language during communication and are quite often blinded when those are not in front of, assuming the worst of every conversation. This makes quite a challenge in connection; that is why an extra effort has to be made to maintain positive communications.

Making an effort to getting a Change of Scenery:

Even though it seems like a blessing, it can also be a curse like a cabin fever. Many freelancers and others who work from home have a lamentation that the place they are working in during the day is also the same place they would be sitting later in the evening to get involved in their work, meaning that they might be spending a considerable portion of their day inside. That is why many of the work from home workers stressed the importance of scheduling other meetings and lunches, keeping them in the mix, and avoiding this rut of never leaving their house.


Flexibility in taking care of errands and appointments:

One of the most challenging things about the nine to five desk job was that it prevented us from being able to handle almost anything else coming up in our lives. Whether it was attending a routine appointment with the doctor, or picking up a kid who was sick from school. When we are working from home, we still have to meet the deadlines and be available at the given time, but now we have a more significant bandwidth for tending to the other responsibilities without the tension of losing our jobs.

Fewer Interruption from the Meetings and Chitchats:

It is quite easier to get into the flow of deep work when we are in our home office, without our colleagues dropping in for some gossip or talks about their weekends. This limits the unnecessary interruptions from the boss and colleagues and is a significant plus point of working from the home condition. This is also one of the reasons many remote workers have higher productivity as compared to office-based workers.

Freedom from the Commuting Expense and Time:

We can save quite a penny avoiding the waste of hours that others spend on getting to and from work when our offices are right down the hall. Avoiding the long-distance commuting and traffic battles is one of the most beneficial things for those who work from home. Freedom from commuting saves quite a lot of time, time that can be spent elsewhere doing something productively.

Working from home might be becoming the new norm for our society, every great thing teaches us something, and this pandemic taught us that with the advent of technology, society now has a lesser need for big office buildings making the work from home the new norm.

Final Thoughts

The new pandemic normality has forced workplaces to evolve into a more remote environment, and working from home has become a new standard. Employees and organizations around the world will need to solve challenges to be able to take advantage of this new hybrid workplace definition and increase productivity and wellness. Adapting lifestyle through technology has been a constant in the modern age and we are traversing a new era shift that will change work life  for ever.

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