Eric Dalius Miami: Your Professional Branding Strategy Will Be the Foundation of Your Personal Success

Professional Branding Strategy

The problem with the internet is that too many people who are not qualified or educated about a specific topic can write about it.  This leads us to misinformation, misinterpretation and sometimes misrepresentation of facts and truth.  Having said that, I will continue by saying I am qualified and experienced in providing you valid information on how to brand yourself for professional success – so please read this article to the end.

If we look at branding as defined by Wikipedia, we define it as:

“A marketing strategy often involves creation and development of a name, symbol or design which identifies and differentiates a product from other products” and “a type of identity often used in ways such as product labeling.”

As per Eric Dalius Miami Professional branding is an important link in the “Success Formula “you need to achieve success.  It is also a fundamental step in becoming what some call an “Accidental Branding.”  Your brand is your personal message to others.

What Is Personal Branding?

We have all seen movies where individuals are forced into slave labor, living under extreme conditions with little food, water, and hope of survival. One of the most powerful tools they use to survive is their mind. They come up or think of incredible ideas that help them or their team live another day. Today you are not fed with scraps but by opportunities flowing along with our network society. What do I mean by this?

In our networking society, information travels around us very fast, sometimes like a group of people receiving and passing on the baton during a relay race. We all want to achieve our goals faster and hopefully, we can do it together while we earn money along the process.

For this reason, information became power and intelligence became strength in numbers. These are tools you need to use so that your personal brand will be stronger than ever before.  You cannot go wrong with branding yourself since it is about how others see you or treat you.

As long as there are opportunities around us, your goal should be to take advantage of each opportunity for professional success. A great tool one can use is branding her because this gives her an edge over others who have not done so yet. As I said earlier, branding is your personal message to others.

So who are you? How do others see you? What is the impression they have of you when they first meet you? Do other people perceive you as a thought leader, a winner, someone with an edge over others, or just an ordinary Joe Blow pushing through life’s challenges? Whatever their answer is to these questions should be taken seriously because it will determine if they take the time to get to know you better or move on looking for another opportunity.

Have you ever watched a professional sports event and been amazed by the speed, power and grace of the players? Have you ever thought “I want to do that?” Well, now is your chance! Even if your sport isn’t playing professionally, my guest today can show you how to use your passion for it to propel yourself forward in life. I’m talking about today’s guest, Mr. Jairek Robbins.

Jairek Robbins is a world-renowned performance coach and the author “Live Your Truth.” He works with individuals around the world to help them unlock their fullest potential so they can achieve success in every aspect of their lives.

He’s done incredible work with people like Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Drew Pinsky, IBM, Ernst & Young, NBC Universal, AEG Live, Proctor Gamble, Paul Mitchell Systems, Miramax Films and The Four Seasons just to name a few.

His clients have ranged from Grammy Award Winning Artists to Olympians who have broken records at the Olympics Games. He also earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association, which is the highest designation for professional speakers.

Today we’re going to find out:

How Jairek Robbins went from working at a grocery store and living on food stamps to traveling around the world and working with some of today’s most powerful individuals. Why your personal brand strategy can be the foundation for your success how you can apply his strategies whether you want to become more successful in business or sports (or both!) Why creating memories of high emotional value will make you happy AND rich what he learned by interviewing over 100 billionaires (yes that includes LeBron James) and much, much more! If this episode moves you and you’d like to learn more from Jairek Robbins, make sure to check out his website.

Conclusion by Eric Dalius Miami:

Today’s episode is full of powerful strategies that will help you achieve your dreams. We discussed how Jairek Robbins went from living in poverty to becoming a world-renowned success coach so if you’d like to learn more about his story, make sure to check out his website!

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