5 Steps to Fix Left or Right AirPod Not Working Problem

right airpod not working

5 Best ways of fixing left/right AirPod Not working issue!

Back in December 2016, Apple presented a bunch of remote Bluetooth earbuds known as AirPods. Macintosh AirPods are small Bluetooth earbuds planned explicitly to work with iOS gadgets like an iPhone and iPad. Since they are tiny gadgets, they are inclined to harm.

A few clients have guaranteed that their left or right Airpod isn’t working. Assuming you likewise have an Airpod and encounter a similar issue, then, at that point, above all else, quit stressing. You don’t have to race to the closest Apple store to have your AirPods supplanted – essentially not before you attempt these DIY fixes.

Steps to Fix Left or Right AirPod Not Working Problem

In this article, we aim at sharing probably the best techniques to fix AirPods association issues. It doesn’t make any difference whether your left or right AirPod has quit working; the practices shared beneath can fix pretty much every AirPod programming related issue. Along these lines, we should look at.

1. Restart Your iPhone or iPad

This is one of the initial steps you ought to take, assuming the AirPods have quit working. It’s excessive that the issue is consistently in Airpods; iPhone or iPad could be the guilty party once in a while. Thus, before attempting some other techniques recorded in the article, we suggest restarting your iPhone or iPad. Assuming that the issue continues even in the wake of restarting the gadget, then, at that point, follow the following techniques shared underneath.

2. Take a look at AirPods’ Battery

Battery life is perhaps the main thing that influences the AirPod’s good result quality. Assuming that one of the Airpod is coming up short on battery, it will separate in the wake of informing its battery level. Then again, the one with a higher battery will stay associated.

To take a look at the battery life on AirPods, open the Control community on your iPhone and hold the AirPods close to the iPhone. Then, open the AirPod case, and a spring up will show up on the iPhone screen, telling you about the battery life.

3. Disregard and once again pair AirPods

Assuming that the over two techniques neglected to fix the AirPod not working issue, you want to carry it out. In this strategy, we will ignore and once again pair the Airpods. Follow a portion of the fundamental advances given beneath.

  1. Start your iPhone and then navigate your path to the Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Tap on the ‘I’ button close to AirPods, and tap on the ‘Fail to remember this gadget’ choice.
  3. Once done, tap on the ‘Affirm’ button.
  4. Presently embed both AirPods in the charging case and close the top.
  5. Sit tight for around 30 seconds, and afterwards open the top.
  6. Then, press and hold the arrangement button for a couple of moments until you see the status light glimmering white.
  7. Once done, reconnect your AirPods by putting them near your iPhone and opening the top.
  8. Presently follow the on-screen steps to finish the arrangement interaction.
  9. That is it! You are finished. This is the means by which you can neglect and yet again pair AirPods on your iPhone.

4. Hard Reset Your AirPods

On the off chance that all of the above neglected to fix the left or right AirPod, not working issue, you want to reset your AirPods hard. To reset AirPods, follow the means given underneath. This technique will clear every matched gadget and will reestablish your AirPods to the default processing plant setting.

  1. Open your iPhone and navigate to Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Tap on the ‘I’ button close to AirPods, and tap on the ‘Fail to remember this gadget’ choice.
  3. Once done, tap on the ‘Affirm’ button.
  4. With the open cover, press and hold the Setup button on your AirPod for around 15 seconds.
  5. After around 15 seconds of holding the arrangement button, you would see the status light glimmering golden.
  6. Presently place the AirPods near your gadget and adhere to the on-screen guidance to combine with your iPhone.

5. Reset the Network Settings

As we have referenced in the initial step, the issue could depend on your telephone in some cases. If your left or right AirPod is as yet not working even in the wake of following all techniques, then, at that point, you want to reset the organization settings on your iPhone.

To reset network settings, head to Settings > General > Reset. Under the Reset, tap on the ‘Reset Network Settings choice. Then, adhere to the on-screen guidelines to finish the reset interaction. Kindly note that resetting the organization setting will eliminate all saved WiFi organizations and BlueTooth gadgets.

This article is concerning how to fix the left or right AirPod not working issue in 2021. I trust this article helped you! If it’s not too much trouble, share it with your companions moreover.

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