What is error in Minecraft, and how to fix it in few easy steps?

When you play your favourite game “Minecraft “In bedrock edition, you may conflict with error while using your Microsoft account to play the game. Minecraft is available on various gaming consoles like Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 and 5. You can enjoy this game with your friends, but you have to sign in with your Microsoft account to connect. You can’t play this game if you don’t have a Microsoft account.

The first main reason for receiving the error is to change the device, many users want to switch their device to get more features, or the error appears when you try to play in cross-play. It can be frustrating to receive the error message and can’t enjoy the features you’re playing with.

If you ever play this game, you know it is very creative and technical; it helps the children train their brains with buildings and construction. This game is very suitable for engineers and creativity lovers. While playing with your friends, suddenly, if you ever encounter error, don’t panic and try to fix it;

Mostly it occurs when you are playing a multiplayer game on the server, but you can’t be able to connect with a server. In that case, you can’t purchase more tokens, nor can you use the tokens in the game.

What is error?

It is a website that allows you to connect with other devices through your Microsoft account. Moreover, it works like a web portal and allows Minecraft cross-play features on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox series. It allows you to play Minecraft with multiple users even when using a different platform. error is generally associated with Minecraft and mostly appears when you are playing the game on PlayStation 4,5, or Xbox series. When you use cross-platform, your device must access your Microsoft account, which may lead to the error appearing on your screen. You can only use one account at a time. So that, you must select the Microsoft account carefully.

Reasons behind the aka ms remoteconnect error:

Although Minecraft is a game that has earned much popularity in recent years, it successfully won the users’ hearts by throwing Fabolous features on the internet; however, the cross-play feature is also associated with Minecraft bugs. Every second person encounters the error while logging into Minecraft through Microsoft account. There are various reasons behind your game troubling with this error. Some of them are mentioned here.

– Corrupted games files:

While updating the new version, or when you want to install the game or want to renew it, you may lose your network connection or the server you are using is down, all your files mix up, or some of them are even get overridden this may cause the game corrupted and causing the error. Specific files are missing or mixed up in your system because of proxy settings.

– Cross-play features:

The second most expected reason for the error Is when you use the cross-platform feature. While playing the game with multiplayer, Microsoft allows you to play on different platforms, but you use the platform that Microsoft doesn’t allow you. Then, you encounter the error. You can solve this problem by simply logging out of the account.

– Minecraft bug or antivirus:

The third possible reason is that when you play the Minecraft game with the launcher application, you may face an error because your antivirus program may find the game corrupted. If you are facing a firewall error, you can change the configuration options to fix this error.

– Change in device:

The fourth possible reason is because of the device change. The changing devices may lead to errors, which can interrupt your enjoyment. It can also appear when the user uses a shared WiFi connection to play the game.

– The server is not connected:

You can encounter the remoteconnect error when your game is not correctly connected with the console server of Minecraft. The error typically appears on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox series, and Nintendo Switch devices.

How to fix the error in a few steps?

You can try several possible ways to fix the error depending on the individual. Some of them are discussed below. It is assumed that you might already try the codes, and if they didn’t seem to work for you, move towards the other solutions to resolve the issue.

1: Microsoft sign-in code

If you are troubled with a sign-in error on your Microsoft account, you can try this method to solve the problem.

  • If you want to use your game on your new device, like PS4, you should make another account for your new device.
  • Click the multiplayer option on the main screen of Minecraft.
  • Here, you will obtain a code authorizing you for your Microsoft account.
  • After that, navigate to the Microsoft website and log in with your username.
  • Note down the code for later use.
  • Log in to the http/aka remoteconnect and enter your unique code.
  • Follow the instructions and conditions.
  • If you face the same problem, you can open the Microsoft account again and regenerate the code.
  • In most cases, you will solve the issue after this step, but you can move towards the next step if your problem is not resolved.

2: You can restart your device


This is the simplest way to solve the problem, and you can fix error by a simple restart. It may resolve your problem in seconds, but you can move towards the next step if your problem is still here.

3: Remove the extra devices from your Minecraft account

Sometimes, we used to play Minecraft on more than one device, and then we received error on our screen. We can solve the error by removing extra devices from our Minecraft account. Follow these steps to do so:

  • If you want to remove the error, you should remove the unauthorized devices. For this purpose, you have to visit the Microsoft website and then select the device you want to remove.
  • Go to the menu bar, select the menu icon, and select “show details” for information.
  • Now Under the device’s name, select “Manage,” and click on “Remove.”
  • After that, it’s time to remove it, so click on the “I’m ready to remove this device” box and select the option “Remove” that appears on the screen.

4: Reinstall Minecraft on your device

One main reason behind the error is the corrupted game files. The old game you are using to play might have got corrupted or deleted. Reinstalling the game can be a better option to save time. You can try once deleting the saved data and again reinstalling it. Here are the steps to reinstall the game.

  • The issue may arise because your game is corrupted. In this case, you have to reinstall the game, but you may list your previous data by using this method.
  • On the main home screen, navigate to the “settings” option.
  • Then click on the option “system settings” and go to “storage.”
  • Click on the “saved data Minecraft under “settings.”
  • After that, Locate and delete all duplicate files after you’ve arrived.
  • I hope you will be able to play your game again with this method.

5: Delete the Minecraft data from your devices

Applications generally save your data automatically through caching on their files. Your data may become corrupted in the directory file. These files gradually become old and lose their compatibility due to new updates, which may lead to the error appearing on your device.

You can resolve the issue by simply deleting the Minecraft saved data files. But before deleting the files, don’t forget to create a backup in your device so that you can use the preserved data to restore the game.

  • Go to the Minecraft game on your device.
  • Then go to the settings.
  • Navigate to the settings menu click on the system settings.
  • After that, move to the system settings page and then open storage.
  • Now Open game storage.
  • After that, you can Locate the two Minecraft game data files.
  • Then select Delete to remove those files.
  • Open the login page and try signing in to open the game.

How to fix error appears on PlayStation?


If you are playing Minecraft on your PlayStation 4 device, and remoteconnect error appears on your screen, you can fix this error in these simple steps.

  • Go to the Minecraft game on your PlayStation 4 or 5.
  • Then click on “sign-in” Into your Minecraft account.
  • Enter the 8 digits codes on your device and click on next.
  • Navigate to the aka website, and follow all the instructions on the screen.
  • You will be able to enjoy your Minecraft game again on PlayStation by following these steps.

How to fix error on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch

You can enjoy multiplayer gaming features on Nintendo Switch, and it also allows you remote connect features so that you can enjoy the multiplayer game on the same platform. However, you may face while playing the game. But you can solve the problem by following these steps:

  • Go to the Minecraft game on a Nintendo switch device.
  • Log out from the game.
  • Go to the Minecraft game and re-login with the same 8 digit code.
  • Go to the website and follow all the instructions.
  • This solution will give you undisturbed gameplay on your Nintendo switch device.

How to set a cross-play engine to play Minecraft on Xbox?

XBOX Crossplay Issue

Xbox is a Fabulous device that allows the users to enjoy the cross-play engine to play Minecraft with other players. You can set the cross-play feature on your Xbox by following these simple steps.

  • Press the Xbox button from the controller and go to the setting.
  • Navigate to the “Account. “
  • Open “Account privacy and online safety. “
  • After that, choose the Xbox Live privacy and click on ‘custom.’
  • Now select “view details “and click on “customize. “
  • Now click on the “communication and multiplayer “option.
  • In the last step, enable “Communication outside of Xbox Live.


Why won’t the Minecraft link is not connected with my Microsoft account?

If your Minecraft game won’t link with your Microsoft account, it means your Microsoft account has not a gamer tag; make sure that your Microsoft account is logging in to If everything is clear, you can reinstall the game on your system and make the log in again.

How can I join the cross-play game in Minecraft?

After your world is loaded on your device, follow these steps to join the Crossplay game in Minecraft.

Go to the in-game pause menu.
Click on the option “invite to Game.”
Click on “find cross-platform friends.”
Find your friends on the platform by using their Minecraft ID.
Now click on “Add friend.”

Is the Microsoft account is necessary for the Minecraft bedrock edition?

If you are playing Minecraft on PlayStation 4,5. Microsoft account is not necessary. However, if you want to connect to Xbox or other console devices, you need a Microsoft account.

Wrapping up: error is not a big issue, and you can resolve your problem by following one of the methods mentioned above. Moreover, you can’t fix remoteconnect errors with DLC or Minecraft packages. Instead, you can try one of the methods to solve your problem. If you are facing any other problem, try to contact the support team. Go to in a web browser and ask your question through email.


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