How to Start a Craft Blog in 3 Simple Steps?

One of the greatest joys of life lies in sharing and one of the best ways to do so online is by owning your own blog. The fact that you are on this page tells me, you are knee deep in love with crafts.

In case that you are looking forward to conveying your knowledge of crafts to the world and showcase your talent, the most efficient way of doing so is by creating your own craft blog. This allows you to grab some genuine attention to your work. You no longer have to rely on the opinions your best friend, mother or siblings give you. With a blog, you will be fostering only and only the most genuine reactions and opinions from strangers. This will help you to not only identify your shortcomings but also be more confident about the work you are putting forward.

If you are worried about how to get about creating your own blog, trust me, it is not half as hard as you have conceived it to be. You do not need a Ph.D. in computer science to be able to open a blog. All you need are basic computer skills, the ability to manage your mouse, and voila, you have a blog, up and running. This article is dedicated to helping you get around creating your own blog in a matter of three easy steps.

3 Simple Steps To Start a craft blog


As mentioned above, creating a crafts blog is no big deal. Even laymen, with limited knowledge of computers, can create their own blog and start sharing their knowledge, thoughts, and experiences with its help. Now that you have decided to get about creating your own crafts blog, here are three steps, you need to follow

Step 1: Think Of A Suitable Name And Buy Your Domain

Think Of A Suitable Name And Buy Your Domain

The first thing you need to accomplish when thinking of opening a blog is to come up with a suitable name for it. Here is where we expect your creativity to kick in. Remember it is the domain name that serves as your web address. It is the name one has to type into a search engine to come across your blog. Here are a few tips to pick the best domain names:

  • The main aim here is to come up with a name that is easy to memorize and is catchy.
  • A name should give an idea of what the blog is about.
  • A domain name should have at least two to three words.
  • It should end with .com or .net since it is easier to remember.

Once you are done with the mind juggling and settled with a name it is time to buy a matching domain name. Visit web hosting sites to buy your domain name and get web hosting services.

Step 2: Get Web Hosting

Get Web Hosting

In case that you are not aware of what web hosting is, it is a fast computer system that comes with an elaborate storage space. This is used to store and back up all the content of your blog, including text, pictures, videos, comments, etc. The web hosting service allows your visitors to access your site or blog within the shortest compass of time. The aim here is to settle for the best third-party web hosting services. Some of the characteristics of the best web hosting service include:

  • It should be easy to navigate and use.
  • It should not take much time to sign up.
  • The service provider should allow you to register your domain name with their site.
  • When you are purchasing a package for hosting you should be getting your domain name registered for free.
  • 24/7 customer assistance should be available to help you solve your back-end queries and glitches.
  • Should be able to handle severe traffic.
  • Should not crash under traffic load.
  • And finally, smooth loading, for a pleasant experience for the readers.

Some of the best website hosting service providers out there, we recommend Bluehost Hosting & Hostgator hosting.

Step 3: All You Are Left With Now Is To Install WordPress

Install wordpress

Now that you are done with getting your domain name registered and have hired dependable hosting services, all you are left with is installing the best blogging platform. The best blogging platform out there today is WordPress. It works like a magician and gives your blog the necessary structure it requires. Certain things that make WordPress the best website platform, include:

  • WordPress extremely features rich,
  • It comes with extremely attractive themes and plugins,
  • It creates the satisfactory user experience,
  • It makes navigating through the site a piece of cake,
  • It is extremely user-friendly,
  • It makes transferring rich content into valuable web pages an easy trick to accomplish, and finally,
  • It makes your blog that extra bit attractive to look at.

You can easily install WordPress with the help of the web hosting service provider you have decided to settle for. Use these tips to create your own crafts blog today.

Tips To Help You Make Your Crafts Blog A Success:


Bringing your blog to life is only the very first step to a long and ongoing journey. The main challenge lies with grabbing the attention of your targeted audience and putting up valuable content that will keep the traffic coming. The success of your blog is measured by the quality of your posts and the kind of traffic you are pulling in. Here are a few steps you need to follow to become the owner of a successful crafts blog-

#1 Appreciate The Seasons


People are always attracted to seasonal content. This is a very good reason why you should customize your content and crafts around different seasons and holidays. If it’s New Year time, it’s time to give the Christmas decorations a rest and concentrate on creating content and crafts for New Year parties as more number of people will be looking for this kind of stuff.

#2 Do Proper Research


One of the gravest mistakes bloggers do is to go skimpy on the research. Research is what separates a pro from a novice and I must tell you, readers can smell an amateur from a mile away.

They will simply over look your blog posts if they cannot find quality content that is informative and engaging.

#3 Try And Stay Within A Budget


The main aim of craft blogs is to provide readers with the option of decorating their spaces with pocket-friendly ideas. It is important that you live up to this goal. In case that you are looking forward to selling your crafts through your blog, try and sell them profit free for a handful of weeks. Let the attention of the budget conscious readers grab on and then you can also start making profit from your produces.

#4 Promote Your Blog


After a point of time, the main aim of a blog becomes positively profit driven.

Here is where it becomes important to market your blog to search engines and potential visitors with the help of SEO tools and social media marketing.

It’s important for you to promote your blog you can do it by all your means like sharing on social media, referring to your friend.

#5 Focus More On Quality Than Quantity


The last, but definitely the most important tip to building and maintaining the success of your blog.

It requires you to put more emphasis on the quality of your content rather than the sheer quantity.

The best trick to produce quality content is by conceiving yourself as the reader. Do not write content that you yourself will not read.

WordPress Themes You Should Be Choosing For Your Crafts Blog:

One of the best ways to flaunt your crafts blog and grab more eyeballs is by appointing some very attractive WordPress themes. Some of the best free or paid WordPress themes for your blog may include:

#1 Indie

Simple, highly responsive design, striking fonts, there are more than a handful of things that make this WordPress theme one of the best picks for your blog.

#2 Pictorico

The Pictorio comes with a portfolio theme that is more or less grid based. All your content is showcased in the form of picture grids. This gives your blog a more attractive look.

#3 Radiate

This is without a doubt one of the most feature rich themes. A wide header bar, accent color choices and parallax header images give it, its uniqueness.

#4 Pronto Masonry

This theme aims at bringing the attention to your blog’s photos. Research shows that readers are more attracted to posts with finer photos and that is exactly what this theme upholds.

#5 Anna Grace

Loaded with handy features, Anna Grace is without a doubt one of the most beautiful themes out there, perfectly suited for craft blogs.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Your Crafts Blog:

The plugins are recognized as a way to increase the functionality of all the features of WordPress. Some of the best plugins that are aimed at bettering the user experience on your blog are:

Most Popular Craft Blogs To Follow:

Following the best in the business always allows you to widen the sphere of your knowledge. Some of the best crafts blog you should be following to put your blog alongside them, include:

Your Craft Blog Is Now Up!

This guide is aimed at helping you pass through every stage of blog creation in the most efficient manner. Consider these steps one by one to build for yourself one of the most mainstream crafts blog today. If you still have any hurdles in setting up the blog, feel free to comment below and we’d be happy to help you.

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