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Did you make a wish on New Year’s Eve? Santa may help you with your SaaS business improvement; however, there are still several significant steps you need to take to become as successful as Airbnb. It may take time and effort, but with our actionable tips on attracting new users to your marketplace, you have all the chances to reach the top.

Speak for Your Business

Share the information about your brand within the local and online community. Here are some instructions to better spread the word about the marketplace you want to promote:

Participate in Events

A local meetup or an online giveaway may help you to inform the community about your business. Some events require investments, but in the long term, it is a tried and tested a way to attract customers.

Let Your Team Advertise Your Brand

It’s the little things that make your business grow. Every mug with your company’s logo and every T-shirt gifted to your co-workers contribute to overall brand awareness.

Look at Your Website with Your Customers’ Eyes

Don’t let plagiarism or low-quality software damage your business. Look at the online marketplace from the point of view of a client, reveal the imperfections and fix the issues in order to make it more attractive for the visitors.

Content Is the Key to Your Customers’ Hearts

Do you take your content strategy seriously? Do you even have one? If you don’t, you better start working on it. There are two primary reasons to pay attention to content:

  • It is a way to improve your position on the search results page;
  • It is a chance to get closer to the potential customers and provide them with the information they may be looking for.

A good content marketing program will help to encourage the visitors to come back to you, over and over again.

Follow these six tips to improve your website’s content:

  • Add a Blog section to your website;
  • Post educational, useful and unique articles;
  • Enhance the articles with keywords;
  • Let the visitors download relevant e-books from your website;
  • Upload high-resolution authentic photos only;
  • Last but not least, hire a skilled SEO expert.

Employ Social Media Channels

A personal account on a social network is a way to stay in touch with your friends. A business profile on a social network is a way to make your profit grow. Almost 59% of Americans interact with brands on social media channels. So, when your content marketing strategy is up and running, it is time to encourage the visitors to share the information they have read on Facebook or Linkedin, on Instagram or Twitter. It is up to you to decide on the most profitable social networks. But you need to remember: today, there is no better way to promote an online business than shout about it on social networks.

Blow up Your Conversion Rates with Beneficial Email Marketing Campaign

How do you communicate with your former and potential customers? Do you still think a cold call is a good option for modern business? Email marketing strategy is a way to provide customers with knowledgeable articles, profitable discounts or other special opportunities.

There are 3 simple methods of collecting the customers’ emails:

  • Ask for an email on the checkout page;
  • Encourage the visitors to subscribe to newsletters;
  • Get emails from the profiles on social networks.

Once the email database is ready, start the campaign. And don’t forget to extend the list: the more people you stay in touch with, the more will turn to your marketplace when they have the need.

In Conclusion

Small but confident steps will take you to your business goals. If you have some questions or doubts, just drop us a line and we will help you to attract thousands of customers.

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