5 Advanced SEO Tips You Didn’t Know About

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You need to go beyond the basics to achieve SEO success in a competitive sector. Take your organic search strategy to the next level if you want it to drive business growth, increase traffic, and secure more conversions.

This means learning (and using) advanced SEO techniques that can give you a competitive edge.

This guide will cover ten tactics you can use to take your site to the next level; advanced techniques that go beyond SEO basics.

1. Upgrade Existing Content

While it’s easy to jump right into creating new content as part of your content strategy, most websites have the opportunity to improve and upgrade existing content first.

It takes time for new content to rank and drive traffic.

It’s rare for a piece of content to instantly rank at the top of the SERPs after it’s published. However, you could achieve quick results by improving existing content. So what steps to update existing content?

You can improve what was published in the past based on these two factors:

  • Current trends and facts
  • Performance data available from Google Search Console

2. DIY VS Agencies SEO process

You can also do a hybrid of the two. For example, some people we know have great success by producing regular, well-optimized content. And they prefer to outsource link building (off-site SEO) and anything technical like speeding up their website and making it mobile-friendly.

Whether to outsource your SEO or DIY will depend on many factors. We’re going to go through these below.

We will compare DIY SEO vs. Hiring an Agency for the following factors.

  1. How much does it cost
  2. How long does it take to do
  3. The guarantees of results
  4. How long does it take to get results
  5. How to track your progress

How Much it Costs for SEO

The big question! We will go through how much SEO will cost you if you do it yourself (because there’s always a cost attached) and if you hire a specialist or agency.

How Much Does It Cost When You Do It Yourself?

A DIY SEO option will be cheaper than outsourcing your SEO. Of course, you could do it for free, but if you’re doing it yourself, it would be advisable to invest in some tools to help you.

You should first use the following tools to help you with your SEO

Google Analytics – is a must, and it’s free! It enables you to track your website traffic, see what pages your readers visit and where they’ve come from (such as Google or Facebook or organically putting in your web address).

Google Search Console – this is also free (so far, so good, eh?), and it will help you see who is linking to your website. You can also see for which queries your website appears in SERPs.

Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console are tools that will help you track how well your SEO is doing.

It’s also worth noting that you should have these set up anyway. And you should have them set up if you’re outsourcing to an SEO agency/freelancer. That way, you can track how well they’re doing.

Free SEO Tools – The Hoth

An integral part of SEO is ‘keyword research,’ i.e., finding out precisely what words and phrases people put into Google around your products/services/industry. Keyword research informs your website copy and content.

You can use this beneficial free tool from The Hoth to see what keywords you’re currently ranked for. Then, just pop in your website address, and away you go!

This tool will allow you to see where you’re ranked. It will also show you if you have opportunities for rankings. For example, you may find you’re ranked on page two for a keyword. You could quickly get that up to page one with some work!

Keywords Everywhere show you what related keywords people are searching for about your keyword. You can see with the example below what we mean. We typed in ‘plumber Manchester’ into Google, which is the information it gave us.

The historical search volume also tells you how competitive each keyword is (allowing you to see which keywords might be easier to rank for).

It works on credits (no monthly fee) and is one of our favorites to recommend to small business owners.

If you want to learn more about keyword research tools, you can check out our article on how to check your keyword rankings.

Powerful SEO Platforms/Tools

You can also invest in powerful SEO tools and platforms that allow you to do more than just keyword research. Here are the two that we have used.

SEM Rush – (From $119.95 per month)

SEM Rush is a powerful SEO tool (amongst other things). It will show you what people are searching for on Google. And it will also let you check out your competitors’ rankings, analyze your backlinks, give you a technical audit and track your daily SEO rankings.

We use SEM Rush (for ourselves and our clients). Below is an example of their ‘magic keyword tool,’ which allows you to search for related keywords to your particular topic.

Ahrefs – (From $99 per month)

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool. And they also stand behind the idea that you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank highly on search engines!

They allow you to look at your competitors’ rankings, find the right keywords, perform website audits, and research content ideas.

These tools seem pretty steep, guys!

We get it. These tools seem pretty steep, right?

But you don’t have to pay the monthly fee continuously!

You can use SEO tools to do keyword research, find content ideas, and see where you’re ranked currently. Then you can cancel them when you’re finished. Lyndsay was on a training session with the CMO of Ahrefs, Tim Soulo, who said you could even use the 7-day trial (which costs $7) to do your work!

Remember, you can always cancel, even after one month or two or three. But, they are helpful at the beginning to help you with SEO.

Learning SEO – The Costs

You can find SEO courses on Udemy for as little as $12.99. However, you can also invest in a much more in-depth approach, such as CLICK Minded, which costs $997. We also offer an SEO Starter Pack aimed at non-techies, and the price will be $97.00 (currently available for pre-order).

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What is the Approximate cost of DIY SEO?

Total – $10 per month – $120 per month (depending on how much you invest in SEO tools.)

How Much Does SEO Cost When You Hire an Agency or Freelancer?

The cost of SEO can vary drastically – from $99 per month to thousands per month.

Can You Get Results By Paying $99 per month for SEO?

But let’s start with the ultra-cheap SEO. By ultra-cheap, we mean companies that promise you first page rankings for just $99 per month. We’re not saying it’s not possible, but we’d question this cost considering the amount of work that needs to go into SEO.

At the beginning of this blog post, SEO encompasses five essential elements. If a company is claiming that they can get you to the first page of Google without you having to do any work yourself (writing write content), this will set off alarm bells for us.

So, ignoring the cheap SEO companies, there are thousands!), let’s look at what more established, and trustworthy SEO companies would charge.

What Would a Professional Agency or Freelancer Charge for SEO?

It’s easiest to break this down into two categories:

Local SEO Costs

Local SEO is ranking for ‘local’ search terms. For example, let’s say you’re a beauty salon with a local clientele. There would be no point going after search terms like ‘beauty salon’ because that’s too competitive. Instead, it’s far better to focus locally (as that’s what your target audience will be searching for) with terms like ‘hairdresser, Manchester’.

Typically, you would look to pay between 300$-1000$ per month for local SEO.

This would depend on how competitive your keywords are and, therefore, how much work a company would need to do to get you to the first page of Google.

A local plumber, for example, might find it easier to get to page one of Google than, say, a hotel. Hotels often compete with larger companies like booking.com for their local keywords.

National SEO Costs

National or international SEO is where you want to target keywords without a geographical focus. They are (usually) more competitive, but they can bring you a lot of website traffic. For example, if you sold luxury chocolates online, you might want to rank for ‘luxury chocolate’ or ‘luxury ch.’ plate gifts.’

You could look to pay anything between 500$-2000$+ per month for national SEO.

We realize that there’s considerable differentiation in cost!

A lot of this will come down to. Therefore, content Content marketing (such as blogging) should play a key role in your SEO strategy. It’s challenging to rank on search engines without it.

Some companies will work with you and support you while you produce content. Others can create the content for you. And choosing the latter is more expensive.

It will also depend on how competitive your keywords are and what precisely you want to rank for on search engines. However, any SEO company you hire should do keyword research to uncover what keywords to target.

What is the Approximate cost of hiring an SEO specialist or agency?

Approximate cost to hire an SEO agency or freelancer? $300-$2000 per month. Depending on precisely what you need!

Agency Vs. DIY SEO – How Does it Work Out?

DIY SEO – approximately $10-$120 per month

Hiring An Agency – approximately 250$ – 2000$+ per month

Use AI Content strategies.

Adaptive content is the practice of  “create once, publish everywhere.” At its core, adaptive content is a content strategy practice that looks at the needs and requirements for delivering personalized or targeted content through the lens of what will be required to create, provide, and evaluate the success of those initiatives. There is a basic need for content for organizations to be used, managed, and leveraged to differentiate and be distinguished from competitors. However, for the content strategist and content creators, managing, operating, repurposing, and marketing content can become a significant burden on their everyday workload. Leveraging AI to manage content allows organizations to focus on refining content strategies instead of addressing the content they post.

Optimizing the content experience

Intelligent adaptive content is structured, reusable, and presentation independent and contains meaningful metadata that delivers targeted messages based on what is known about the user. This may include information about the user’s device, the location or other contextual cues, or personal information such as life changes, gender, or income.

AI can help publish and target content, but it cannot tell the content strategists and producers what to write. It also cannot develop a strategy for what should be posted. As a result, organizations can risk overestimating the value of using AI technologies and underestimating people’s effort and time to create, manage, and evaluate the content. Adaptive content can help content organizations, but some factors should be considered when determining how and when to use it. Here are some things to consider when thinking about AI for your content:

1. It’s hard to personalize everything using AI.

Predictive intelligence helps to personalize content to address user content needs and interests.  Content strategists can imagine scenarios where content is personalized and tailored for individual user needs or experiences. Unfortunately, this type of personalization is challenging to build and create at scale.

2. AI can make your content curation much faster and easier to manage.

Daily curation of relevant and engaging content is a tedious task. It still takes a significant amount of energy and time to sift through content, let alone curate content relevant and engaging for users. AI helps content strategists curate content for users that maximizes an organization’s share of attention online.

3. AI can help you make data-driven decisions for content development.

Content strategists often rely on manually sorting through piles of data to inform creating a content strategy. AI helps analyze content performance data, compare that data with the one present on other websites, and offer related suggestions about everything right from what topics perform best and trending to help with what to write and on what platforms.

4. You can optimize how users find your content using AI.

Using AI, content strategists can think more broadly about how various content elements, such as a title, tags, meta descriptions, intro copy, and images, work together to make it easier for users to find their content. Content strategists can work to create content that is optimized for organic search, and AI reduces this work by assessing what content will be most appealing to users based on search terms.

3. Tool generated backlinks vs. Manual generated backlinks

Everyone who has a website wants to rank it high on search pages. Search engine optimization is the only way to achieve this target. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO techniques. On-Page SEO is all about content and optimization, butt Off-Page deals with social signals and backlinks.

A tool like Prepostseo Non-organic/organic backlinks generator tool is developed for those websites that are newly designed. It is hard for search engines to index those websites. To fulfill that need, you have to get free backlinks from different platforms to attract search engine bots to your web pages to satisfy that need.

How to Use it?

Using it is very simple. First, you have to paste your website url into the input box above and click on the submit button. Then our system will automatically give you a mixture of do-follow and No-follow links. Finally, if you want to index those URLs in the search engine, you can use our online ping website tool.

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What is Special in PrePostSEO Free Backlinks Maker?

PrePostSEO offers many Extra Ordinary Tools in the SEO industry. You have just to type your website URL; our tool will generate high-quality backlinks to your website. Yes, these free backlinks are quality backlinks; here are some features of backlinks that our tool will create,

High Authority

PrePostSEO backlink maker tool creates backlinks free only on the High Authority website; these backlinks will help to boost your website ranking. Spammy or low-quality links are a headache for website owners; we take care of our respected visitors and create backlinks only On high Authority sites.


All backlinks will be created. So, naturally, Artificial intelligence makes our tool more accurate, and it works naturally.


Relevancy is crucial, and relevant backlinks have high weightage. PrepostSEO backlink maker tool deals with only relevant sites and makes pertinent backlinks in seconds.


Trust plays a vital role in backlink weightage. Our Tool filters trustworthy websites and adds backlinks only to qualified websites for you.

No Efforts Need

Time is money, so it is better to do things quickly. This tool is designed to save time and effort. Just write the domain name and let to make us backlinks for you.

Importance of Free Backlinks

A Page with more backlinks tends to earn a high position in SERPs. If many websites are linking to a page, then the importance of this page will be increased, and the page will rank high. In addition, the website will get organic traffic from search engine result pages to get a high rank. So earning backlinks for the website is essential to make it visible on the first page of search engines. Google gives more credit to relevant, natural, and has high authority backlinks.

Will it harm my ranking?

No, of course not, Because our free backlinks generator will give you a mixture of do-follow and no-follow links. Most of them are No-follow, and They will not harm your website SEO.

Should I have you submit every page of my website?

No need to submit every webpage of your website. Our tool will fetch the main domain from any url your enter and offer that web address to provide you with links.

Backlinks are the only way to earn a high rank on Google. A process of backlinks creation manually takes time. But our Intelligent and Excellent tool can do this for you. It is developed to save time and effort. PrePostSEO guarantees our valuable visitors that all backlinks will be authentic and genuine. Unlike other backlink maker tools, our tool only creates backlinks on high-authority websites.

4. Manual Generated Backlink:

Suppose you want to create manual backlinks for your sites. In that case, off-page SEO is the best technique for creating backlinks manually like social bookmarking, directory submission, profile creations, forum submission, and many other processes which also increase your site’s backlinks. So if you have launched a new place, this process is an excellent technique for growing backlinks of website count, and your site’s domain authority will also increase. So more backlinks, more DA and PA, increased of your sites. Try to create links from high authority sites; these sites allow your site to gain more traffic and increase website backlinks manually without any payment.

You can also check the backlinks of your sites, i.e., how ma nyNYacklinks you have created so far. Many free backlinks tools are available where you can narrow your site backlinks. Backlinks being a chief technique for getting hits for your website, there are a lot of different methods that digital marketers use to grab more and more traffic for their website or page. Following are some valuable methods for getting backlinks to their respective sites.

Profile creation

Profile creation is one of the best backlinks that help get you many free backlinks with high authority. So if you want a strong backlink for your site, then profile submission is one of the best ways to get strong backlinks with nofollow or dofollow. In addition, profile submission sites will help your site’s URL get indexed on the search engines, and sometimes it will also help your site rank in terms of brand. Here are a few examples of profile creation sites:







Link Insertion
This is another excellent manual backlinks opportunity every site owner wants to do. Here you don’t need to spend money on content creation. Here, you have to contact the webmaster related to your site or niche regarding link insertion. Many blogs or sites are looking for good content quality URLs and want to add to their blog on the internet. So you have to search your keyword-based query on the search engine and connect to the blogger for the link insertion for your site. Below we have added an email template for the link insertion. NOTE: Some areas accept paid link insertion, and some get free link insertion.

From infographics
Infographics make website content more attractive. Backlinks can be created with these infographics. The focus should be on making it look good and informative so people can see it at the first glimpse. Most brands today use this method of getting backlinks from infographics.

Ask bloggers for a backlink.
If you are struggling with promoting your website or product, keeping relationships with famous bloggers is more critical than maintaining connections with your girlfriend!! If you can make good relationships with active bloggers on the internet or reach out to the blogging sites with high DA, you are set! Bloggers always need resources and references to link with their content. So, you can approach a blogger to link their content with yours. You can even provide them free services if it is relatable to both their website and yours.

By giving references
Did you buy any product, or have you used an online service recently? How about connecting the respective owner of the product or service and sending them good testimonials? Companies like to promote their products or services by showing their customer’s reviews on social media and other platforms. So, in such cases, backlinking can be done to your page by making good reviews on the company’s website.

5. Advanced Internal linking Technique

This advanced SEO internal linking technique was underestimated for a long; however, now it is gaining momentum. Internal linking implies that you include links to other website pages when crafting a new article. In addition, you can also implement internal linking during the content review procedure for the already existing pages.

Internal linking is valuable as it brings several tangible benefits and better SEO results. First, it helps search engines and crawlers understand your website’s entire structure better than its pages. Also, internal linking ensures that visitors spend more time on your website, contributing to finding the needed information.

At first, this technique might not sound that advanced for your website promotion. However, every web admin would say that the strategy for creating backlinks is inevitable for future success. Thus, this progressive SEO approach implies that building links should be done creatively.

You may find it familiar that companies rely on backlink services that greatly help website promotion in regular link-building strategies. While it might sometimes be challenging to find a backlink service that provides the best results, you need a source of backlinks for cooperation. This will ensure great chances for effective promotion of your website to the top of the search engine results page faster.

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