Acoustic panels – how to choose the best solution?

Acoustic panels

Do you want to get rid of unwanted sounds in your room? We have a solution! Invest in great quality acoustic panels and improve the acoustic performance of your room!

Acoustic panels – what are they?

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing boards that are designed to reduce reverberation and echo in a room. They can be used in different purposes. Whether you are setting up a recording studio, an office space, or a home theater, the right acoustic panels can enhance the auditory experience in your space.

There are different types of acoustic panels, so you can choose the solution that suits your needs best. You can choose from some common varieties of acoustic panels, which are:

  • acoustic diffusers,
  • diffusion panels
  • hybrid acoustic panels,
  • bass traps,
  • foam panels,
  • acoustic boards for ceiling,
  • and many more!

How to choose the best acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels

Choosing the best panels can be a hard task, taking into consideration the multitude of solution that are available. What aspects should you consider while taking the decision of which panels to buy? Let us help you!


Firstly, determine the main purpose of the room. Are you creating a recording studio with needs controlled sound reflections, or do you need a more balanced sound in your home office? Addressing the purpose is the first step in choosing the best panels.

Room size and shape

Before choosing the panels, you need to measure your room. Take into consideration the shape and dimension of the room. Larger rooms generally require more substantial absorption or diffusion capabilities to prevent excessive reverberation.

Acoustic Requirements

Name the specific acoustic problems you are facing. For example, if your issue is excessive echo, absorption panels will be the best solution. But if your room is well-treated but need to improve sound dispersion, more beneficial will be diffusion panels.


Calculate your budget and check out the options that seem the best value for your money. Remember, that higher-quality panels can provide better performance and durability.


The visual aspect of the panels and how well they will fit the design of the room is also very important. If you value the aesthetic solutions, you can choose the fabric-wrapped panels, which offer customization options.

Professional Advice

If you are not sure which panels to choose, you can consult with experts from Addictivesound at They can choose the best solution for your specific requirements and help you in choosing the most appropriate panels for your space.


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