AI testing will increase the performance of the enterprise app

Why Do Enterprise Mobile Apps Need AI Testing

The modern day mobile applications have a wide range of work. They interact with other mobile applications through APIs and also leverage the legacy systems. This means that the mobile apps grow complex in a non-linear fashion with every passing day.  App Testing is an important aspect of mobile app development and according to the research done by World quality report, Artificial Intelligence is the best possible solution for the emerging challenges in the Quality Analysis testing of the enterprise apps.

Enterprise mobile apps are essential for the companies who want a full throttle contribution of their employees in effective decision making process. Statistics show that companies get over 200 working hours from their employees if they are using enterprise mobile apps. Moreover, with emerging technologies, mobile apps are the way forward for the companies and thus it becomes essential for the enterprise mobile apps to get through AI testing for better results.

What is AI automated Testing?

AI testing is a system built through coding and self learning capabilities that will supplement human activities during the testing process and help them to perform the task in a better manner. Artificial Intelligence allows the machines to learn with the help of data in order to solve the problem. AI testing understands the environment and thus enables humans at the testing front to perform their work in a better manner.

Artificial Intelligence will pave the way for big changes in Enterprise mobile app testing

The process of testing can be made quicker

With AI testing at helm, more test cases can run in parallel and the analysts can manage all those in a synchronized manner. AI will automate the testing process for execution, scripting and analysis of the enterprise mobile app, thus increasing the speed of the testing process. Moreover, if there are any kinds of problems or defects in the process it can be detected in real-time and feedback can be given to the app developers without any hassle.

Enhancing the overall test coverage

Artificial automated testing will enhance the overall scope and depth of testing of the enterprise mobile apps. The analyst will get a deeper look at the functioning of the app which helps them to understand the working of the app in a better manner. The memory, file content, data tablets, etc. in the enterprise mobile app can be micro managed in a successful manner, thus avoiding any kind of mistakes. Moreover, AI with Machine Learning will allow the automation software to update the tests with respect to changes in the codes and adjust for anything usual.

Eradicating the limitations of manual testing

It is unreal to think that manual testing is possible for an enterprise mobile app which has large number of users. There are high chances of important things getting missed during the app testing process which could hamper the performance of the app in the long run. AI testing will help to stimulate the testing process where the quality analysts can perform tests on apps which are used by tens and thousands of professionals at the same time. With AI testing, even the smallest of the detail will be taken into account which can be useful in enhancing the work process of the enterprise mobile apps.

Optimizing the testing process

AI testing will use the quality assurance data to identify what test situations are possible for testing the enterprise mobile app. The things that are included in the testing process can be included according to the priority that is need for the app. The optimization of the testing process will also identify the failures that seem normal while the application is under the test process.

In addition to this, broken test process can be predicted in advance. It can be automatically fixed using the supervised reinforcement learning methods.

AI will be your best friend

AI testing will without a doubt multiply the results while having an interaction which the system as compared to Manual Testing. The AI testing process will use the data that is already there in your QA testing system. For example AI will use, previous test cases, app defects, resolutions, logging and many more parameters can be used to identify the problem in the product and rectify it in a more competent manner. Although, humans will have very less mechanical work to do, they will still be the integral part of the testing process. They will see the test results and approve the findings on its merit sans the dirty labor work.

As Artificial Intelligence will make the work easier and less burdensome for the quality analyst, we can consider it to be the best friend of the software testers.

Going with AI testing in 2020 and beyond

Having graduated from the linear model to the agile process, be rest assured that the future of enterprise mobile app testing will depend on Artificial Intelligence technology. For the quality analysts, it will become important to dig in deep and find out newer aspects on AI testing and use the AI powered tools in a more synchronous manner. AI has made its mark in different technologies such as voice assistant devices and chatbots, thus the enterprises have to put their thinking cap on and devise ways to use AI in testing such type of enterprise applications.

Moreover, with the increase in demand, it would be imperative to train the enterprise software testing from the word go. The knowledge they possess will help them in their decision making process and thus the enterprise mobile app can be delivered quickly.

Concluding the testing process

AI testing will provide the much needed boost and assurance to quality analysis of the enterprise apps which in return will escalate their performance. Artificial intelligence will not only automate the process of testing but will make it fool proof. Moreover, businesses are reaping in rich benefits from implementing the AI testing process as it has reduced the cost of testing and saved the software testers from doing mundane tasks on a daily basis. Artificial Intelligence is all set to give the enterprise mobile app testing a facelift and the companies who will follow this trend will be the winners at the market.

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