How Best To Use Automation On Twitter?


Twitter outlines several automation rules that are meant to safeguard your account from any spam and malicious activity. As a Twitter user, you are not allowed to post similar tweets on multiple accounts at once or perform tasks such as retweeting, following and liking on several accounts at the same time.

These policies plus several others are outlined at and on Tweetdeck, Twitter’s automation app. If all Twitter users decide to abide by these rules, there is going to be a significant cut down on fake accounts and a high level of engagement on the platform. This is why you should understand how to use Twitter marketing automation the right way.

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Twitter automation by itself is a very powerful tool that can save you a lot of time and bring great results. So, how can you use this feature without violating platform rules?

Maintain Your Brand Image
Create an online personality that is consistent with what you do and ensure that your tweets resonate with this brand. Whatever automation tool you choose should be able to promote your brand through personalized posts that represent your identity. Your automated posts and manual posts should be closely similar so that your customers do not find out that there is any automation involved.

Have a Well Defined Schedule
If you want to be successful on Twitter, you may need to engage with your followers around the clock. This gives your audience the impression that you can be relied upon and in case they are unable to reach you offline, they can easily find you on Twitter.

Engage Your Customers
Automation may be a great way to engage your customers, but it should not completely replace your connection with them. Choose an automation service that allows you to alternate between automated and personalized posts. Even the best automated system can never be able to meet the needs of your customers fully. Spare some time and respond to direct messages and retweet posts that relate to your brand. Listen to your customers and scan through your analytics information to determine the kind of posts your customers like then offer what they are looking for.

Select the Right Automation Tool
By now, I am sure that you have encountered quite a good number of different bots and automation tools such as TweSocial and Twiends – but you need to be careful as there are a lot of scams out there too. Although most of these tools are able to meet your automation needs, you need to ensure that they meet all the Twitter automation regulations. Twitter marketing is all about finding the right audience for your business and thus you need a tool you can rely upon in terms of consistency and exposure.

In Closing
Once you automate, take time and see how people are reacting your posts. If the response is poor, you may need to change your strategy and this may mean replacing your automation tool with a better alternative. Remember the most important goal for the platform is engagement and you cannot achieve this solely through automation. Be alert, understand the trends and leverage every opportunity that the platform presents to increase your brand’s image and productivity.

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