Dedicated Teams Model: Pros and Cons

Dedicated Teams Model: Pros and Cons

In today’s world, many businesses lack IT expertise and qualified resources in-house. As a result, IT outsourcing has become an obvious option for many of them depending on the appropriate engagement model. This highlights the dedicated team model that is in high demand worldwide. Where you need to hire virtual employees for your project.

This model is typically used for long-term projects, where the requirements are not clear and the scope often changes. The primary objective of a dedicated team is to work transparently in order to deliver quality, unique and project-specific solutions within the client’s team. Outsourcing the project development is a cost-effective and outcome-driven strategy.

In this article, we will discuss what a dedicated team model exactly is and outline the key pros and cons businesses might face by using a dedicated team model.

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What Is A Dedicated Team Model?

A dedicated Team Model is a team that works remotely on a project thereby drastically reduces production time to market and enhances the client’s business processes. This type of team is a separate entity with its own structure and management. This team consists of QA developers and engineers, marketing managers, designers, and others. A dedicated team provider will take care of all administrative issues.

All you need to do is to define a scale and strategy, focusing on day-to-day tasks and staff management. In brief, hiring a dedicated development team is similar to your own team but located in a different country.

Pros Of A Dedicated Team Model:

  1. Cost-efficiency:

In particular, offshore developers’ rates are lower than retaining local specialists as hiring a dedicated team for a project is usually a lot cheaper than hiring in-house specialists. This also saves a great deal of time and money for recruitment.

Furthermore, a dedicated team provider is responsible for the process. And he will be able to get you a professional team far more quickly than you could on your own.

  1. Absolute Team Involvement:

Dedicated team members are committed exclusively to the development of the products. A dedicated team is called a dedicated right because from the very beginning they are mindful, focused, and honest towards the work.

Consequently, you get a very concentrated team that does not resolve dozens of other problems. Such dedicated teams are. task-oriented and as involved and motivated as your own employees.

  1. Best Developmental Talent Pool:

This is one of the most important advantages of offshore outsourcing. The dedicated team provider specializes in searching for the best ones from the global market based on the client’s needs. Thus, you can easily access the world’s leading technology talent and get a team that shares the values and mission of your project.

As these people may have already undertaken similar projects, they can give you the best useful advice and think of the smallest details that you may have missed. So, by hiring developers remotely, you are not limited by the geographic situation and can get in touch with high-level specialists.

  1. Brings Complete Control:

The client has complete control over selecting, motivating, and managing the dedicated team members. Using a dedicated team model, clients can easily manage highly trained and qualified experts, project managers, equipment, resources, and infrastructure according to the requirements of the project.

With a dedicated team approach, clients can see what each developer is doing, set priorities, and assign tasks to them by using time tracking and task management solutions.

Cons Of A Dedicated Team Model: 

  1. Poor Performance For Small & Short Term Projects:

The Dedicated Team Model is unsuitable for short-term minor projects. This model is more efficient when it comes to long-term projects. With significant time, the team can grow together. Therefore, it would be better to use another model of development when the project is short-term. 

  1. Hiring Process Is Time-consuming:

Recruitment in a dedicated team model is usually done from scratch, which means the recruitment, interviewing, integration, and definition of the profile will take time. This is not the best option if you require additional resources right away. For instance, it will take a few weeks to appoint an offshore remote developer team in India along with an IT project manager. This is because it takes time to find them, test them and hire them to fulfill a specific request.

  1. Estimate Vague:

Upon completion of your work, you may have difficulties obtaining a detailed estimate of the total amount. It’s because you may not be aware of how long the project lasts or what changes will have to be made to staff throughout its duration. Hence, you must always calculate how much a team/hours/days/weeks spend without space for changes.  And this will act as the baseline for such estimation.

  1. Communication Difficulties:

In the DTM, communication will be via email and other online tools, which are definitely inferior to in-person contacts. Furthermore, there will be the issue of time zones. Your team could be situated so far away that your working hours can be sleeping hours of your remote team.

Nevertheless, these issues can be mitigated by maintaining organized online cooperation, applying the principle of agile development, and reaching an agreement on working hours before commencement.

Where To Find a Dedicated Team?

Dedicated teams are supplied by hundreds of businesses worldwide. Ukraine, Mexico, India, Eastern Europe, or Latin America are some of the counties with the best developers. When looking for the right provider, you need to look beyond the price. Consideration must be given to the number of specialists working in the company, the company’s reputation, and history as well as the level of talent and experience they bring to the table.

However, you can hire offshore remote developers in India as there are the best developers available at a very low cost. They have good project management and execution skills. Thus, you can save costs and obtain the best outcome for your project.

Wrapped Up:

Dedicated development teams are the ideal solution for the majority of the projects. If you integrate the dedicated team model to your project, you must prepare for the overall orientation of the product. It is always necessary to keep in mind the specifics of the business.

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